Cincinnati Reds Week 17 Pitching Report

The Reds started week 17 finishing a 6 game road trip in St. Louis and facing the Pittsburgh Pirates for 4 games to close out the week. The Reds in Week 17 went 4-3 and won a series in St. Louis for the first time since September 2011, the Reds have rarely won in St. Louis since the opening of Busch Stadium III. The Reds in Week 18 will face the St. Louis Cardinals before heading out to Pheonix and facing the Arizona Diamondbacks for three games in their 10 game roadtrip.

  • The Random Stat: Teams not named with the first letter “C” is at 12-12-2
  • Starting Pitcher Mike Leake was traded to the San Francisco Giants for two prospects, Adam Duvall and Keury Mella. Duvall a corner infielder and Mella a top rated pitching prospect.




  • 21 IP/13 H/4 R/4 BB/13 SO/HR
  • ERA 1.71/WHIP 0.81
  • RATES: 15.85% H/4.88% R/4.88% BB/15.85% SO/1.22% HR
  • PER 9: 5.57 H/1.71 R/1.71 BB/5.57 SO/0.43 HR
  • PER PA: 6.31 PA/H, 20.50 PA/R, 20.50 PA/BB, 6.31 PA/SO, 82.00 PA/HR



  • 23.1 IP/18 H/12 R/9 BB/21 SO/4 HR
  • ERA 4.63/WHIP 1.16
  • RATES: 18.37% H/12.24% R/9.18% BB/21.43% SO/4.08% HR
  • PER 9: 6.94 H/4.63 R/3.47 BB/8.10 SO/1.54 HR
  • PER PA: 5.44 PA/H, 8.17 PA/R, 10.89 PA/BB, 4.67 PA/SO, 24.50 PA/HR




  • 5 IP/2 H/BB/6 SO
  • WHIP 0.60
  • RATES: 11.11% H/5.56% BB/33.33% SO
  • PER 9: 3.60 H/1.80 BB/10.80 SO
  • PER PA: 9.00 PA/H, 18.00 PA/R, 3.00 PA/SO



  • 12.2 IP/11 H/4 R/3 BB/13 SO
  • ERA 2.84/WHIP 1.11
  • RATES: 20.75% H/7.55% R/5.66% BB/24.53% SO
  • PER 9: 7.82 H/2.84 R/2.13 BB/9.24 SO
  • PER PA: 4.82 PA/R, 13.25 PA/R, 17.67 PA/BB, 4.08 PA/SO



Iglesias’ 2 games

  • 12.2 IP/10 H/6 R/2 BB/12 SO/HR
  • ERA 4.26/WHIP 0.95
  • RATES: 18.87% H/11.32% R/3.77% BB/22.64% SO/1.89% HR
  • PER 9: 7.11 H/4.26 R/1.42 BB/8.53 SO/0.71 HR
  • PER PA: 5.30 PA/H, 8.83 PA/R, 26.50 PA/BB, 4.42 PA/SO, 53.00 PA/HR

Best and Worst Pitching Games of Week 17

  • Best Start: Mike Leake, July 28th at St. Louis
  • Worst Start: Michael Lorenzen, July 31st vs Pittsburgh
  • Best Bullpen Appearance: July 28th at St. Louis
  • Worst Bullpen Appearance: July 30th vs Pittsburgh
  • Best Staff Game: July 28th at St. Louis
  • Worst Staff Game: July 31st vs Pittsburgh

Starting Probables

  • St. Louis: Anthony DeSclafani, David Holmberg, Michael Lorenzen
  • at Arizona: Raisel Iglesias, Keyvius Sampson, Anthony DeSclafani

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