Week 2 Predictions

Week 2 is here and I’m still waiting for my team to take the field (next week). Here are more toss up picks since non conference is so hard to determine after the results from last week. 

Rough start to begin the ECC by starting Week with a 2-5 record. Still 63 games and 34 more wins for above .500 picks. Here are the Picks!

ANDERSON > Withrow (Withrow wasn’t overmatched against Turpin but Anderson can possibly pull a “W”)

KINGS > Piqua (Don’t know much about Piqua and weren’t around in November so Kings can get back to .500)

LEBANON > LOVELAND (Overmatched for Loveland, check out Lebanon last week with their QB)

MILFORD > EDGEWOOD (Wonder if they played in the FAVC, could be a close one)

TURPIN > WYOMING (D-II and D-III matchup, Top in the city, could be a 2 minute drill to clinch this game)

WALNUT HILLS > WESTERN HILLS (Walnut will bounce back from their loss against Oak Hills)

LAKOTA WEST > GLEN ESTE (Larry Cox’s team is pretty talented for these Trojans)

Now for the SWOC

Forgot my pick for Ross versus Goshen but both would been a close battle i would of lost that pick so I gave myself a 6-2 on Week 1. I must really know my local conference. Here are picks for week 2

I previously had Edgewood losing to Milford

OAK HILLS > Harrison (Oak Hills looks dominant in this matchup, look at the SCCS at Nippert)

LITTLE MIAMI > Western Brown (Little Miami showed that they can play the 4 quarters, they previously played Western Brown in scrimmages so these are fairly balanced teams. LM will have to be clutch in the 4th.) 

MOUNT HEALTHY > Fenwick (Fenwick should be scared of Mt. Healthy, JV will probably start in the second half)

ROSS > Monroe (Monroe had it easy last week, Ross looking to be back at .500)

NORTHWEST > Amelia (Old FAVC matchup, don’t expect anything different)

WILMINGTON > Miami Trace (Where is Miami Trace by the way? Another annual match up for both schools)

CARLISLE > Talawanda (My “I Don’t Give a Damn Pick”, someone will win this shootout or defensive match up)

Week 3 will be another week for the ECC for Non Conference play while SWOC will close out their non conference schedule and now play for their first Conference Championsip. Magic numbers can reach to 7 this week. 


Week 1 Predictions: ECC and SWOC

Welcome to Week 1 of High School Football. It may be early for me since I’ve been Alma Mater Material but here are my picks for the 1st week of Ohio High School for the ECC and SWOC.

ANDERSON > Sycamore (New Matchup?)

GLEN ESTE > Amelia (Traditional Opener)

KINGS > Lebanon (Boomerang Bowl, Sponsored by Outback?)

LOVELAND > Butler (Who’s Butler? Butler Tech?)

MILFORD > Campbell County (I don’t follow Kentucky HS Football, so I could care less about this pick)

WITHROW> Turpin (Oh no, I picked against an ECC and preferred a soon to be ECC member)

WALNUT HILLS> Oak Hills (Walnut has improved but I truly don’t know much about Oak Hills football)

5-2 On Non Conference Picks for The ECC. Now let’s look at the diverse SWOC

Since I now know the result of Mount Healthy, lets look at the remaining games.

EDGEWOOD > Meadowdale

EAST CENTRAL > Harrison (Traditional Opener, If I Recall)

LITTLE MIAMI > Taft (Got to support my Alma Mater, GO PANTHERS!)

NORTHWEST > Finnerytown (Traditional Opener)

Monroe > Talawanda (Talawanda is better in Swimming, no joke.)

Wilmington > Washington Court House (Can that be “King of The Road (22 and 3)?”)

The SWOC will be an interesting conference to look at in the Fall but the ECC will be super competitive. All teams start with the magic number being 11, 0 is usually reached by Week 10 but who knows if it is reached earlier.

Next Post: Cincinnati Bearcats prediction and why the media is wrong with their pick.


ECC and SWOC Previews

Today on August  8th, the Cincinnati Enquirer released their rankings of two brand new conferences (ECC,SWOC) that were originally  a part of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference.

The Rankings from 1 to 7 in the ECC: Kings, Turpin, Loveland, Anderson, Walnut Hills, Glen Este and Milford.

The Rankings from 1 to 8 in the SWOC: Mount Healthy, Harrison, Northwest, Ross, Wilmington, Edgewood, Talawanda and Little Miami.

Those rankings were from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Sometimes I think it’s a draw in the hat with what they come up in ranking teams in a conference.

Here is my predictions for the ECC and SWOC.

WARNING: The Rankings I present are not biased and should not affect your game.

The ECC rankings from 1 to 7: Kings, Turpin, Walnut Hills, Loveland, Anderson,Glen Este, Milford

The SWOC rankings from 1 to 8: Harrison, Mount Healthy, Northwest,Wilmington, Ross, Edgewood, Little Miami, Talawanda.

They’re some comparisons and contrasts to my rankings versus The Enquirer’s. The only things that are going to matter in the ECC is that the FAVC Cardinal members are still going to be a presence in the conference and dominate if it stands true. Kings, Turpin, and Walnut Hills have a good chance to play more football in November.

Now for the SWOC, it’s a mixture. Harrison is the only FAVC buckeye in the conference and now they face closer to home teams, Harrison is still dominant versus some teams from the FAVC scarlet. Mount Healthy and Northwest hit 2 and 3 in my picks. As for my Alma Mater (Little Miami), they seem to be overlooked but it will take some time to adjust to a new league. A game that might make a difference for them is against Talawanda, which is a battle to avoid last place.

As a sports fan, I truly hope this is motivation for some players to do better. I have nothing against the players and hope you prove me wrong once Week 10 comes around.

My next blog post will be on Big East football and see if they’re any contrasts with my picks. Thanks for reading.

Hello Readers, …

Hello Readers, Just fairly new to the blogging world since now Facebook has become ridiculous and they aren’t any more good posts to read.

I’ll be posting my first report on The Eastern Cincinnati Conference or ECC and Southwestern Ohio Conference SWOC tomorrow. Both the ECC and SWOC teams will know their predicted ranks via Cincinnati Enquirer and I’ll put my input on the rankings and provide my own.