Girls Basketball Picks Week 2

Girls Picks only for Conference games

Edgewood>Wilmington (Down the road game) (State Route 73) (Edgewood by 8)

Ross>Northwest (Old Scarlet Matchup) (Ross by 8)

Talawanda>Mount Healthy (Overmatched)(Talawanda by 29)


Girls Basketball Preview-SWOC

SWOC Previews are hard to determine since the conference is brand new. The Cincinnati Enquirer gave their predictions in yesterday’s edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer. 

The Cincinnati Enquirer results are: Talawanda, Wilmington, Edgewood, Mount Healthy, Harrison, Little Miami, Ross, and Northwest.

My Prediction: Talawanda, Wilmington, Mount Healthy, Edgewood, Harrison, Ross, Little Miami and Northwest. 

The next blog post will cover the picks for Week 1 of Girls and preview the men’s basketball for the SWOC.