Week 6


Edgewood > Little Miami
Wilmington > Harrison
Mount Healthy > Ross
Northwest > Talawanda


Loveland > Anderson
Milford > Glen Este
Walnut Hills > Kings
Turpin > Hughes


NFL Predictions

Here are the playoff picks for the 2012 NFL Season. Just want to be quick and not go through 32 team predicted records.

AFC: Wild Cards (Baltimore, Cincinnati), Division (New England, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Diego)

NFC: WC (Atlanta, Detroit), Division (San Francisco, New Orleans, Green Bay, Philadelphia)

Wild Card: Houston > Cincinnati, Baltimore > San Diego. Green Bay > Atlanta, Detroit > Philadelphia

Division: Pittsburgh > Houston, New England > Baltimore. New Orleans > Green Bay, San Francisco > Detroit

Conference: New England > Pittsburgh, San Francisco > New Orleans

SUPER BOWL XLVII (New Orleans): San Francisco 20, New England 17

I have all 32 team records to finish so if you’re in for curiosity.

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September Call Ups

Welcome to September, the start of football and the climax of Baseball.

Where do I need to start? I’ll pick the climax. The climax, being baseball, is going to be very exiting with the next 30 days having 10 teams trying to claim a spot to play for the Fall Classic.

Some of you readers might know the new playoff format. “New playoff format? There is a new playoff format.” Yes, there is indeed, 10 teams and 5 from each league play for the Fall Classic. Now you might be thinking, “5 per league? Doesn’t make sense”. Let’s clean things up here, you have the 3 Division winners and NOW 2 wild cards. “Now how do the playoffs start?” That’s a pretty good question. The two wild-cards play a one game playoff and now the field will be 8, which was like that in the previous playoff format.

Now, for the 10 teams to make playoff pictures.

For The American League, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox for Division, Oakland A’s and Baltimore Orioles for Wild-Card spots. 3 teams are in The Hunt for playoffs: Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels. The majority of the American League have 29 games to go and The Hunt will be looking for extra help from other teams to get them in the playoffs.

For The National League, Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants for Division, Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals for Wild-Card spots. 2 teams are in The Hunt for playoffs: Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers.  The majority of the National League have 28 games to go and once again, The Hunt will be looking for extra help from other teams to get them in the playoffs.

As of now, I won’t have playoff picks until the field of set. Clearly it makes sense doing that after thinking the Boston Red Sox were automatically in last year.

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