VINEs: Crosstown Shootout

I had some free time with the Bearcats taking the floor in Houston at 9:30 Eastern Time so I got some Vines of Xavier players getting burned on the floor. Xavier Center Matt Stainbrook is the leading candidate in Vines.

Shaquille Thomas Spin Move Dunk

Coreontae DeBerry easy Layup

Gary Clark Block Shot

Oh don’t do it (yah), oh my god. Whatever is currently trending on the app.


Crosstown Shootout: Social Media Recap

As For the Social Media, it’s typical banter. Cincinnati fans tweet “Xavier Girls Are Ugly” while Xavier fans tweet “Catholics vs Convicts“. Both are actual contradictions. Two Students, one took it to Tumblr about how University of Cincinnati students are being sexist while another other student, a paid model, took the Cincinnati tweets as its their inside joke, which is what it is. The model seemed to take the tweets as a joking matter and that it is just a typical rivalry smack talk. This is the first time I’ve seen it gone far with Social Media and most alumni that I’ve seen with Tweets on my TL say that the XGAU line has been around longer than present day Social Media. Most rivalries will consist that, but writing a Tumblr post is really unneccessary for this game. Most likely it returns and sticks around for less than 7 days out of the year.

Following the game, my Twitter followers got attack with an internet troll and were clearly devastated .

The Social Media Posts from the Model:



Finally, The UC Police Department knows what’s up

Crosstown Shootout Recap

Crosstown Shootout logo

It’s over, and life moves on in the city of Cincinnati. The Bearcats were down by 12 at halftime and cut that deficit in the last 2 minutes of the second half. I did not give up on my school in the second half despite the disappointing perimeter defense and allowing a Davis to shoot an open 3. The 10 3 PT FG’s and 10 2 PT FGs by Xavier would make the difference by pulling away with a 59-57 victory.  Continue reading

With Rivalries Disappearing, Cherish The Crosstown Shootout

From UC’s Play-by-Play man Dan Hoard.

Heard It From Hoard

There has been a lot of realignment in college sports in recent years and it hasn’t been good for traditional rivalries.

My Alma mater – Syracuse – no longer plays Georgetown every year in basketball.

The Backyard Brawl between Pitt and West Virginia is no more.

The so-called Border War between Kansas and Missouri is history.

Closer to home, after 99 meetings in basketball, Cincinnati and Louisville don’t currently play each other.

After 160 meetings, Xavier and Dayton don’t square off.

The bottom line is, if your school still has a great rivalry – cherish it – and there is no rivalry quite like the Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout.

Crosstown Shootout logo

It is the best intra-city rivalry in college basketball.  Two outstanding schools – just 3 miles apart – that happen to have two of the best programs in the country.

Cincinnati is one of only 16 schools that have been to…

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The 82nd Edition of the Crosstown Shootout


Well, it’s back and at a better time according to the Gregorian Calendar (The game played in the beginning of the new year is better for the City with the Cincinnati Bengals playing till December and this game becomes a focus in January/February). The Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier Musketeers meet once again and back on college campuses in a 10 year contract. The game is a part of ESPN’s Rivalry Week and the setting is set to bring back this rivalry.

After a 2 year hiatus of the games from the campus with downtown Cincinnati venue US Bank Arena, the Bearcats return to Fifth Third Arena for the first time since January 6, 2011.

This post will not be one of those smack talks post, but Twitter took care of that this week and The UC twitter account held ground with a unique reply to Xavier’s account.


I have links to other posts that bring in this week’s game, which once again took care of business with the smack talk.

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Lots more on Twitter with the hashtags: #BeatXavier #BeatX

My Content

On to the actual Game.

Matchups and Players to Watch For Tonight.

Octavius Ellis vs Jalen Reynolds-Two fast and versatile forwards. Ellis was part of the 2011 altercation but says it is in the past and will play like it’s another opponent. Reynolds is one I’ve been hearing about lately and his great play lately, had foul troubles according to Xavier Sports writer Shannon Russell. The Cincinnati offense will look to target at Reynolds when driving the lane.

Matt Stainbrook-He might be picking you up one day. 6’10 center from Western Michigan, an efficient player on offense is Top 20 in Offensive Rating and True Shooting Percentage.

Troy Caupain-The called upon leader for the Bearcats. Point Guard has had a slumping February after a 20 point performance 3 weeks against Connecticut. This game could give him an opportunity to bounce back and lead the Bearcats back to their winning ways.




You really thought I would pick against my college and soon to be alma mater in December. I have classmates that are student athletes that would get a hang man set and fire if I picked against my school. Xavier has had a problem playing outside the friendly confines of Cintas Center and will face a defense that allows 55.2 PPG. There top ranking offense will break that 55.2, but a UC team that has gone 31-3 at home since 2013 will be a tough task.