Johnny Cueto Pitching Report: April

Johnny Cueto


  • 37 IP/22 H/9 R/8 ER/5 BB/38 SO/3 HR
  • ERA 1.95/WHIP 0.73
  • RATES: 15.94% H/6.52% R/3.62% BB/27.54% SO/2.17% HR
  • PER 9: 5.35 H/2.19 R/1.22 BB/9.24 SO/0.73 HR
  • PER PA: 6.27 PA/H, 15.33 PA/R, 27.60 PA/R, 3.63 PA/SO, 46.00 PA/HR

Pitcher Rating Equals


  • 4 Quality Starts in April
  • 3 Starts with 4 or less hits allowed
  • 4 starts with 2 or less runs allowed
  • 4 starts with 1 or no walks allowed
  • 3 starts with 8 or more strikeouts
  • No Home Runs in 3 starts


  • April 17th start against the St. Louis Cardinals (7 IP/6 H/4 R/BB/10 SO); decision to load bases ends up costly in loss.


  • 7+ innings
  • 3-4 hits
  • 0-1 runs
  • 0-1 walks
  • 8-10 strikeouts
  • No Home Runs



Cueto’s ERA had a slight jump from April 11th to April 28th, but is still one of the best in baseball in this category. The ERA went up to 233.33% from his two starts against the Cardinals. It went down to 8.60% since those two starts.


The WHIP is the best in all of baseball and tied with Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros (as of May 2nd). Teammate Mike Leake has a WHIP of 0.90 as of May 2nd.


  • The H Rate had risen up to 15.19%, but has declined at 10.23% and its at 15.94%
  • The R Rate had risen up to 97.47%, but had declined at 16.21% following the April 17th start against the St. Louis Cardinals. Currently at 6.52%
  • The BB Rate had a 19.70% incline, but has declined to 20.29% in his latest start. Currently at 3.62%
  • The SO Rate had a massive decline in last two starts at 9.58% and its at 27.54%
  • The HR Rate had a 62.36% decline, but had risen up to 139.13% and its at 2.17%


  • The H/9 had a 16.67% incline, but has declined at a 10.97% rate and its at 5.35
  • The R/9 had a 100.00% incline, but had declined at 14.75% rate and its at 2.19
  • The BB/9 had a 20.69% incline, but has declined at a 21.62% rate and its at 1.22
  • The SO/9 has been declining at 10.38% in his last two starts and its at 9.24
  • The HR/9 declined at a 60.92% rate and has inclined at a 135.14% rate at the last start and its at 0.73



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