March Madness…It’s Here.

Since I got some school work to take care of this week, I quickly picked and reviewed the at-large and AQs for the March Madness tournament. This is updated as of 11:59:59 PM on Sunday, March 10th with the AQ having a “()” listed. 





Last year, I was 35 of 37 on At-Large. I usually don’t do seeding and location because their is a 1 in 512 chance of getting it right, ie Louisville 1 seed playing in Lexington in the Indianapolis region (seeds are 1/16, opening round 1/8 and region 1/4) so a .19% chance.


Reds not making World Series considered a failure?

This morning, I woke up with a tweet from Zach Wells of Local 12 Cincinnati. Wells was looking for people to respond to his poll about the Cincinnati Reds.

Here is my response, no. I prefer levels of where a team is, Cincinnati right now can win the NL Central. Can they reach the NLCS? Certainly.

I believe this team has been going step-by-step when it comes to winning in October. 2010 might of been overwhelming for them, with a sweep. In 2012, they improved their playoff experience by winning on the road, a feat that is hard to in a playoff game.

Losing to the San Francisco Giants was bitter to take in and it meant that the current Reds that were playing in it can bounce back. These Reds will never guarantee themselves to the next round until they want to play for the next round. San Francisco gave them a good lesson and I believe the Reds know now.

So the answer is no but I believe this team can make the world series if they avoid making mistakes like they did last year and close out the series the right way.

#JoeyVotto is THE FACE OF MLB

The twitter battle is over and Joey Votto is the clear cut winner for the Face Of MLB.

This morning, my cousin (A Die Hard Yankee Fan) had to say this about the Face Of MLB.

Clearly he doesn’t know that Albert Pujols was in the competition and Derek Jeter was ousted by Joey Votto