World Series Game 1 (Kansas City vs. San Francisco)


Fall Classic, it’s nice to see you once again. Want to know something about these two teams? One of them is not suppose to be in the Classic if this was 2011. If you guessed the Giants, you clearly understand the new Wild Card format. Anyone surprised for the Kansas City Royals making the World Series? Not really when the MLB Rankings I published to Sports Insights. 2013 indicated they had one of the best schedules in all of the MLB not to make the postseason. I have 2014 right here as well to see how they progressed in the season before October.  Continue reading


Day 6 League Division Series

It’s a blessing to have Baseball for another day till it closes down on October 29th for the next six months. The Washington Nationals live another day and look to bring the Cross-Country trip back to the Nation’s capital. Meanwhile in St. Louis, the starting pitchers in Ryu and Lackey have nice performances but another Dodger bullpen miscue lands them behind the Cardinals with elimination in their minds. Los Angeles looks to bring it back to Chavez Ravine for a Game 5 and end the Cardinals successful runs in the postseason. 5-9 in Postseason and 4-8 in the Division Series.

Day 5 League Division Series

First things first, want to congratulate the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles for sweeping the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Detroit Tigers. What will make the ALCS great is that these two teams will be going to the World Series since the 1980s. Big accomplishment for both and best of luck to those two and hope to see a good ALCS this week. Now for tonight, the National League will look to extend the party of having more baseball this week with the Dodgers and Cardinals currently tied at a game. The Washington Nationals are fighting for their lives tonight in San Francisco and weirdly enough these two get the earlier time slot vs St. Louis-Los Angeles. St. Louis looks to end their series at home with two wins or Los Angeles can secure a win tonight to guarantee themselves a Game 5 in Dodger Stadium. 4-8 in Postseason and 3-7 in the Division series.

Day 4 League Division Series

Can anyone remember a time like this when baseball was at its best? 18 inning affair in the Nation’s Capital and a game saving Home Run in Chavez Ravine. The National League ended up putting a good show on Saturday and now it’s the American League’s turn. 3-7 in 2014 Postseason and 2-6 in the Division Series.

Day 3 League Division Series

Talk about a good few days of Baseball, I managed to fail at team picks these past two days due to close games and failed expectations from the starting pitchers. 2-6 in the postseason right now with 1-5 these past two days. Tonight includes only the National League as it is travel day for the American League.

Day 2 League Division Series

Day Two brings all division series games to baseball fans around the world. The Day starts at 12:07 EDT and will end towards 0:37 EDT the next day. Enjoy these 12+ hours of baseball.

Day 1 League Division Series

12 games of Division Series is a lot to cover and minimal time to analyze and cover all notes on each game. The Division Series will have a series of tweets per day with a prediction.