All Star Selections. Final Thought.

The 86th Installment of the All Star Game in Cincinnati brings us to a city that was the first to have a professional baseball team, back in 1869. This will the 5th time that Cincinnati has hosted the Midsummer Classic and one of the original teams from 1882 to host the event, with St. Louis (2009) being the last to host the Midsummer Classic. 

On July 2nd, the final day of Fan Voting, I predicted 68 spots for the American and National Leagues. One thing that made me error was how many picks among positions I had originally done. The Original 8 positions received 48 spots while the pitchers received 20 spots, that was something that was done wrong on that day. After the selections were revealed, I managed to be correct on 47 picks, which is about 70% of the field.

How the field was selected (despite the error)

  • Fangraphs Statistics: OPS and fWAR were in consideration for picks and who was qualified the league MVP by July 2nd.
  • Starters selected by leaders in the OPS category
  • Reserves selected by leaders in the fWAR
  • Pitchers selected by fWAR, Top 5 pitchers in each category (Starter/Reliever)
  • Minimum 1 selection per team. Some selections snubbed due to this rule set by MLB

One of the reasons why some will say it’s silly to predict a whole field, it’s really to determine who truly deserves to be in the midsummer classic. The selection of starting pitchers is tough and have a rule that a start with 1 day rest makes them ineligible to pitch in the game. That’s something most clubs are for, but don’t leave them out of a chance to being a selected all-star.


The Starters


The National League

NL All Stars and Reserves

The American League

AL All Stars and Reserves




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