Jason Marquis’ Pitching Report: MAY

 Jason Marquis

Marquis’ April


  • 24.1 IP/36 H/22 R/20 ER/7 BB/13 SO/7 HR
  • ERA 7.40/WHIP 1.77
  • RATES: 31.30% H/19.13% R/6.09% BB/11.30% SO/6.09% HR
  • PER 9: 13.32 H/8.14 R/2.59 BB/4.81 SO/2.59 HR
  • PER PA: 3.19 PA/H, 5.23 PA/R, 16.43 PA/BB, 8.85 PA/SO, 16.43 PA/HR

Pitcher Rating Equals


  • 47.1 IP/64 H/37 R/34 ER/14 BB/37 SO/10 HR
  • ERA 6.46/WHIP 1.65
  • RATES: 29.63% H/17.13% R/6.48% BB/17.13% SO/4.63% HR
  • PER 9: 12.17 H/7.04 R/2.66 BB/7.04 SO/1.90 HR
  • PER PA: 3.38 PA/H, 15.43 PA/BB, 3.38 PA/SO, 21.60 PA/SO


  • 2 starts with 7 or less hits allowed
  • 3 starts with 4 or less runs allowed
  • No walks allowed in May 20th start, 1 walk allowed on May 9th start


  • 1 Quality Start. Lost his starting role to Michael Lorenzen, only has 3 Quality starts in 9 starts.
  • Only reached 6+ innings in 1 start, went 5.2, 3, 3.2, 5.2 in May
  • Lacked strikeouts, only had 4 each in 3 appearances.
  • Home runs allowed in 4 out of 5 starts. Had allowed 3 in the May 9th start



The ERA had risen up to 29.91% from May 2nd to May 20th, but is currently declining at 6.47%


The WHIP had risen up to 14.62% since May 2nd


  • The H Rate was at 27.72%, but had increased at 7.19% and is at 29.63%
  • The R Rate was at 14.85%, but had increased at 15.36% and is at 17.13%
  • The BB Rate was at 6.93%, but had decreased at 5.62% and is at 5.26%
  • The SO Rate was at 23.76%, but had decreased at 30.50% and is at 17.13%
  • The HR Rate was at 2.97% but had increased at 53.67% and is at 4.63%


  • The H/9 was at 10.96, but had increased up to 11.54% and it is at 12.17
  • The R/9 was at 5.87, but had increased up to 19.79% and it is at 7.04
  • The BB/9 was at 2.74, but had decreased up to 1.64% and it is at 2.66
  • The SO/9 was at 9.39, but had decreased up to 26.70% and it is at 7.04
  • The HR/9 was at 1.17, but had increased up to 58.64% and it is at 1.90

Strikeout to Walk Ratio

One reason why this is not introduced till a quarter of the season is done is because the numbers are not significant and the ratio would be an outlier in the month of April. Marquis had a 3.43 K/BB ratio at the end of April and ends the month of May with a 2.64 K/BB ratio. The minimum he has so far this season was 2.60 in his April 15th start against the Cubs. Marquis this season will range at 2.67 to 3.43. Marquis is underperforming in 2015 and will be hard to reach back in range with Bullpen work. Marquis at one point in the season had a 4.20 K/BB Ratio on April 20th, would need to have 59 strikeout and not allow any more walks. Marquis currently has 37 strikeouts.


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