Cincinnati Reds Week 7 Pitching Report

The Reds entered Week 7 with 5 interleague games against the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians an all were on the road. The Reds went 0 for 5 for the week and the fanbase is asking for change from the front office. For one thing, Cincinnati is hosting the MLB All-Star Game and it would not be a good PR move for the office with manager Brian Price being one of the coaches for the National League. Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty writes that one bad week will not commence change. Reds face the Colorado Rockies and Washington Nationals in a 6 game home stand in Week 7. 

  • The Random stat: Teams not named with the first letter “C” is at 5-4-1
  • Individual pitching Reports released this week


Cincinnati-Kansas City


  • 10.2 IP/13 H/7 R/BB/5 SO
  • ERA 5.91/WHIP 1.31
  • RATES: 28.26% H/15.22% R/2.17% BB/10.87% SO
  • PER 9: 10.97 H/ 5.91 R/ 0.84 BB/4.22 SO
  • PER PA: 3.54 PA/H, 6.57 PA/R, 46.00 PA/BB, 9.20 PA/SO



  • 14 IP/14 H/8 R/10 BB/12 SO/HR
  • ERA 5.14/WHIP 1.71
  • RATES: 21.54% H/12.31% R/15.38% BB/18.46% SO/1.54% HR
  • PER 9: 9.00 H/5.14 R/6.43 BB/7.71 SO/0.64 HR
  • PER PA: 4.64 PA/H, 8.13 PA/R, 6.50 PA/BB, 5.42 PA/SO, 65.00 PA/SO


Cincinnati-Kansas City


  • 5.1 IP/6 H/3 R/BB/2 SO
  • ERA 5.06/WHIP 1.31
  • RATES: 27.27% H/13.64% R/4.55% BB/9.09% SO
  • PER 9: 10.13 H/5.06 R/1.69 BB/3.38 SO
  • PER PA: 3.67 PA/H, 7.33 PA/R, 22.00 PA/BB, 11.00 PA/SO



  • 10 IP/9 H/6 R/4 ER/9 BB/4 SO
  • ERA 3.60/WHIP 1.80
  • RATES: 18.00% H/12.00% R/18.00% BB/8.00% SO
  • PER 9: 8.10 H/5.40 R/8.10 BB/3.60 SO
  • PER PA: 5.56 PA/H, 8.33 PA/R, 5.56 PA/BB, 12.50 PA/SO




Best and Worst Pitching Games of Week 7

  • Best Start: Anthony DeSclafani (May 23rd, at Cleveland)
  • Worst Start: Mike Leake (May 22nd, at Cleveland)
  • Best Bullpen Appearance: May 19th, at Kansas City
  • Worst Bullpen Appearance: May 23rd, at Cleveland
  • Best Staff Game: None
  • Worst Staff Game: May 22nd, at Cleveland

Week 8 Probables

  • Colorado: Jason Marquis, Michael Lorenzen, Mike Leake
  • Washington: Johnny Cueto, Anthony DeSclafani, Jason Marquis

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