Cincinnati Reds Week 1 Pitching Report

The Reds opened up their 2015 season to a surprising start with a sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the opening series and closing out the weekend with a 4-2 record with a 0.5 game lead in the NL Central. Wire-to-wire? I highly doubt it, and it’s rare that this will happen in 2015. One of the key things to dissect in the 162 is to go by cycles, a cycle of 5 games to be exact. Most postseason teams will have 90+ wins, but to be better than safe than sorry, win 3 out of 5 games and the last two in the 162 is “insurance”. So if your squad is looking to 96 to 98 win team, this is the model to look at. The Reds with 6 games assured themselves that they reached the first of 32+ cycles.

The Reds in Week 2 will face the Chicago Cubs and St Louis Cardinals for 6 games, in which by the next post should be at 7-5, if they follow this cycle. 



  • 18.2 IP/14 H/5 R/8 BB/22 SO/HR
  • 2.41 ERA/1.18 WHIP
  • RATES: 17.72% H/6.33% R/10.13% BB/27.85% SO/1.27% HR
  • PER 9: 6.75 H/2.41 R/3.86 BB/10.61 SO/0.48 HR
  • PA: 5.64 PA/H,15.80 PA/R,9.87 PA/BB, 3.59 PA/SO, 78.74 PA/HR




  • 18 IP/14 H/8 R/7 ER/5 BB/15 SO/2 HR
  • 3.50 ERA/1.06 WHIP
  • RATES: 19.44% H/11.11% R/6.94% BB/20.83% SO/2.78% HR
  • PER 9: 7.00 H/4.00 R/2.50 BB/7.50 SO/1.00 HR
  • PA: 5.14 PA/H, 9 PA/R, 14.41 PA/BB, 4.80 PA/SO, 35.97 PA/HR




  • 11 IP/7 H/3 R/2 BB/11 SO/HR
  • 2.45 ERA/0.82 WHIP
  • RATES: 17.95% H/7.69% R/5.13% BB/28.21% SO/2.56% HR
  • PER 9: 5.73 H/2.45 R/1.64 BB/9.00 SO/0.82 HR
  • PA: 5.57 PA/H, 13.00 PA/R, 19.49 PA/BB, 3.55 PA/SO, 39.06 PA/HR




  • 11 IP/14 H/7 R/5 BB/10 SO/2 HR
  • 5.73 ERA/1.73 WHIP
  • RATES: 27.45% H/13.73% R/9.80% BB/19.61% SO/3.92% HR
  • PER 9: 11.45 H/5.73 R/4.09 BB/8.18 SO/1.64 HR
  • PA: 3.64 PA/H, 7.28 PA/R, 10.20 PA/BB, 5.10 PA/SO, 25.51 PA/HR

Starter Line



With Cueto’s 2 games this week:

  • 14 IP/8 H/2 R/ER/2 BB/14 SO/HR
  • 0.64 ERA/0.71 WHIP
  • RATES: 15.39% H/3.85% R/3.85 BB/26.92% SO/1.92% HR
  • PER 9: 5.14 H/1.29 R/1.29 BB/9.00 SO/0.64 HR
  • PA: 6.50 PA/H, 26 PA/R, 26 PA/BB, 3.71 PA/SO, 52 PA/HR

Most important things to consider for the rates. The Hits, Runs, Walks and Home Run should be really low and strikeouts really high. Most pitcher goals for hits should be less than 15%, Runs and Walks 10% and Home Runs less than 1%.Goals for strikeouts should be above 33.33%.


@Chicago: Mike Leake, Anthony DeScalfini and Jason Marquis

@St. Louis: Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey (TBD) and Mike Leake

Reds will finish the 11 day-10 game roadtrip in Milwaukee. The Cycle goal is to win 6 games and be 10-6 by the next homestand against the Cubs.



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