Conference Realignment: Cincinnati Bearcats?

Not much to mention, but the University of Cincinnati is a candidate to join a Power 5 Conference, but which one. On Friday, March 6th, my classmate/group project member and former QB for UC Michael Colosimo mentioned realignment. 

The most notable conferences mentioned for the UC Bearcats are the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big 12. The Big 12 was the only Power 5 to not have a team play in the Inaugural College Playoff. Although it’s a 4 team format, the conference lacked a conference championship game while the other 4 had that game. Not much is mentioned on Bearcats going to Big 12, but it would be a travel partner for the West Viriginia Mountaineers. The Big 12 landscape is in the Midwest, but the majority of their programs are in Texas and Oklahoma. The thing that the Big 12 has to do is bring in Group of 5 members like UC to join their landscape. The only question for them is how many teams do they want to invite in, 2 or 4? They currently have 10 members.

Now about what was mentioned on March 6th.

Michael mentioned about the Atlantic Coast Conference trying to build a 16 team conference, they currently have 15 (14 for Football with Notre Dame not a part of the ACC). Most members of the ACC at one time were members of the Old Big East Conference. This is one of the best conferences for Basketball, but has not appeared in a Final Four game since 2010 (Duke, which ended up winning the Championship). The 16 team format would be good for basketball. As for Football, it would remain with 15 teams till Notre Dame decides to become a part of the conference. If Notre Dame decides to play the 7-8 conference games and count them as a conference game, the ACC will come calling for a new member.

The scheduling formats. According to a Twitter user, aka PromiscuousJawa, he believes the ACC should do this for scheduling.

In a infographic style


If this were to be in Basketball format, 6 home and home games against ND, U of L and Pitt and 12 games against the other 3 pods (6 home and away games). Basketball has 18 games and it is forced to play each opponent once.

As for Football (Notre Dame included), there could be multiple ways but most notable way would to have the regional pod (Notre Dame, U of L, Pitt) and 5 random teams. Other way is to form those 4 pods and mesh into 2 pods (like Atlantic and Coastal). Two divisions of 8 and 7 conference games would be the norm and have the conference championship game. Lots of ways to determine the scheduling format, but always let the process take care of itself.

As for Promiscuous Jawa, I prefer this to be the regional pod.

ACC realignment


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