Crosstown Shootout: Social Media Recap

As For the Social Media, it’s typical banter. Cincinnati fans tweet “Xavier Girls Are Ugly” while Xavier fans tweet “Catholics vs Convicts“. Both are actual contradictions. Two Students, one took it to Tumblr about how University of Cincinnati students are being sexist while another other student, a paid model, took the Cincinnati tweets as its their inside joke, which is what it is. The model seemed to take the tweets as a joking matter and that it is just a typical rivalry smack talk. This is the first time I’ve seen it gone far with Social Media and most alumni that I’ve seen with Tweets on my TL say that the XGAU line has been around longer than present day Social Media. Most rivalries will consist that, but writing a Tumblr post is really unneccessary for this game. Most likely it returns and sticks around for less than 7 days out of the year.

Following the game, my Twitter followers got attack with an internet troll and were clearly devastated .

The Social Media Posts from the Model:



Finally, The UC Police Department knows what’s up


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