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It’s over, and life moves on in the city of Cincinnati. The Bearcats were down by 12 at halftime and cut that deficit in the last 2 minutes of the second half. I did not give up on my school in the second half despite the disappointing perimeter defense and allowing a Davis to shoot an open 3. The 10 3 PT FG’s and 10 2 PT FGs by Xavier would make the difference by pulling away with a 59-57 victory. 

Personally, it’s crushing to be defeated in that fashion but these players now will have to potentially win out on what is a difficult season without a head coach and a brand new starting lineup.

Most important to know at the end of the day, the series is still in Cincinnati’s favor at 49-33. Could of had win 1700 and 50 on Wednesday.

I won’t put much input on this game, but I got multiple bloggers that you can click at for their game recaps.

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Cincy On The Prowl: Shaquille Thomas SCTOP 10, Game Recap

Cincy Vs Everyone: I’m a fan of the Xavier Fans Don’t Know When To Stop article, it really makes people look bad on Twitter.

What I see in this game and what results is also something of importance.

Xavier will conclude the final 4 games with Butler, St. John’s, Villanova and Creighton. Butler’s is one of Xavier’s rivals and they lost to them earlier in the season at Hinkle Fieldhouse. There last two road games are going to be the revenge games due to the fact they lost to St. John’s and Creighton at home. Villanova is deemed to be the toughest game to win at home for Xavier and could be the best win for them this season if they win.

Cincinnati will conclude the final 5 games with Houston, Central Florida, Tulane, Tulsa and Memphis. After the loss to Xavier, Cincinnati can’t afford to lose no more games, they’ve done this successfully in the 2012 and 2014 season by going on lengthy win streaks (7,15). I originally predicted 23-8, but 22-9 is possible, Team Rankings has the odds for Bearcats to reach tournament with 22 wins at 93.5%. Based on standings, Cincinnati is currently 4th and Bracket Matrix still has the Bearcats in as a 9 seed prior to Crosstown Shootout.

One more thing that I’ve noticed since the shootout entered the 2010s

After the Shootou

This is how the teams performs after they play, loser usually plays better after the game. Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin mentioned this in the past and it seems that this trend could happen again.

One thing that I was happy about last night is that the University of Cincinnati showed complete class in showcasing this game and now Xavier University has to bring that same style and makeup from the 2011 Brawl that put the campus games on a 2 year hiatus.



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