My 2 Cents: Cincinnati-Ohio State

My 2 Cents: Cincinnati-Ohio State

It was going to be another Saturday, college football to be played, but fuel and fire mixed between two schools. Why did this had to happen? Can’t two schools get along? Apparently not.

On September 20th, it was my schools homecoming against the Miami of Ohio Redhawks. My sister attends Miami, she brought a crew down to Cincinnati. Also happening that weekend was the annual Zinzinnati Oktoberfest. This Oktoberfest is America’s largest event, only second in the World to Germany’s Oktoberfest.

Ok, enough Oktoberfest, more about this game. One of my sister’s roomate’s boyfriend attends THE Ohio State University. For protection of name, surname HALE. I’ve never met Hale and this was a basic first impression, I act like that and society should too when it is meeting people for the first time. Nonetheless, I got to know Hale throughout the day. When I asked Hale where he attended school, he said “Ohio State”. I jokingly said, “you didn’t come here just to scout my Bearcats, right?”. He simply replied, “I came for Oktoberfest and a good game between Miami and UC”. Hale did have a good game to go to. We both discussed our schools, strengths and weakness. I felt that I was doing the Marketing SWOT to Hale, which did not happen in the end. One thing I noticed when speaking with Hale was that he credit everything good for UC, most Ohio State fans would point and laugh and say “ha, you’re not legitimate”. Hale was a tolerable fan, I like tolerable fans that notice the good and bad of the current team. Most OSU fans would look at 2002 and keep mentioning it. Hey, most of that team is either in NFL or working real world jobs like you.

As I attend this Miami-UC game. I was a nervous wreck for the way UC played. Miami was really controlling the game and it was luck to win the game and Victory Bell. Was I nervous for this OSU game? Yes. I was wondering how the defense would play after that performance. Once exiting the stadium, Hale simply stated “The way UC played, it’ll be another blowout”. I didn’t want to hear that from one of the most rational fans out there. The only thing I had to say after the performance I saw was, “Hope for a good game next week”.

To get Ohio State fans to understand the last time these two played, it was September 16th and Buckeyes were ranked #1 and stayed #1 the whole season. I managed to dissect what has happened since then. Ohio State has played 105 games-including the vacant 2010 season-won 85 and lost 20 with a winning percentage of .810. The UC Bearcats managed to play well after that last meeting. Bearcats have played 102 games and have won 75 and lost 27 games with a winning percentage of .735. To exclude that 2010 Buckeyes season, the winning percentage dipped to .793, a 2.10%▲. The Buckeyes managed to have excellent recruiting and Bearcats are not that far behind. From 2007-2013, Buckeyes have managed to have 5 out of 7 seasons with 10 or more wins, the Bearcats also have 5 out of 7 season with 10 or more wins. Why the hate Buckeye fans?

I expect throughout the week the typical trash talk. I didn’t expected to see this post from a parody account known as “The Fake Lantern“. Why do these accounts waste their time trying to hurt a fanbase feelings? Some noticeable quotes and some to correct.

Stop flattering yourselves. You are nothing more than the second little sister game in a row for us. And don’t you dare claim you’re not just another Ohio little sister to us. UC’s last victory over the Buckeyes was in 1897. It’s okay. You’re our favorite little sister.

It’s time to actually face the music: Cleveland rocks, Columbus is glorious, and you’re neither. Between the two other big cities, Ohio already has all 5 pro sports and an elite college program. The only reason we need you is for access to a non-burning river.

Your little “bUCkeye state” thing works great if it were like a word puzzle in the Dispatch, or the Plain Dealer, or whatever your newspaper is; but as smack talk? It’s fairly not good. Are you trying to say UC is in the Buckeye state? If so, that’s technically accurate but also aiming very low — so low, in fact, that though you are in the Buckeye state, you’re also kinda in Kentucky

Maybe if you were all the way in the south, you could actually back up your other weird mantra, because you’re not the #HottestCollegeInAmerica. You’re just not. You don’t even have the hottest college hashtag in Ohio, let alone the hottest college

But you do have good job placement, UC. You do. We genuinely hope that while our players are getting their shot in the NFL, your players land a great co-op.

It will not be blacked out. Besides, the only football games in Ohio that ever get blacked out are played by the Cincinnati Bengals

Ok, time to really dissect this article. Little Sister? We’re Top 5 enrolled school in the state of Ohio. Thanks for the compliment, but we’re not little sister. Cleveland rocks? Ok, you got that superstar LeBron but Cleveland isn’t a winning city. Burning river, we were very close this year to have a burning Ohio River with an oil leak, but quickly cleaned up. “bUCkeye State” was a 2009 thing to state that our football was ranked higher than your Buckeyes, you took offense to it. Everyone here in Cincinnati knows that Cincinnati is in Ohio, glad that we know our geography. I’m only defending our hashtag #HottestCollegeInAmerica cause our academics are on the rise, moving on. Actually Fake Lantern, you should thank UC for developing Co-Op, what have you done to improve our world? Last note, your school did not allot enough tickets to make it a blackout, so why even mention it?

To keep defending Buckeye Bullies like you, why do you post when your Ohio State enrollment has a decent Cincinnati population. Very poor choice to attack. Think before you speak. Right? You manage to get a response simply because in speech and debate, rebuttals happen and defending our school is the right thing to do.

As a rational fan, this game was picked to be lost and possibly go 11-1. Once your star QB Miller went out, I had to change my mind and say 12-0. Your Buckeyes are already out of the equation to be in that lustrous College Football Playoff, as well as your Big 10 counterparts. If you win Saturday, good for you, round of applause to defend your 93 year old streak of beating in state opponents. This UC Bearcats team is on the rise and will keep on rising.


Lots of things to point out in this Game Poster. The Bearcats bus does not look like that (thank god). Where’s I-71 South? Got to make it realistic, right? Cornfields? Where are those? One of those things that are seen on Cincinnati-Columbus drive. The biggest pointer is the “Hell Is Real” sign. Those two signs are about where to spend eternity. Unfortunately, it’s irrelevant to this game and it’s not right to the shoulder of I-71 North. As if the poster comes in unfortunate situation, a Walk-On UC student had passed away on Thursday in a motorcycle accident. I know his eternity will be spent in Heaven. One last thing, the Sun’s shadow doesn’t from the north heading south 🙂

Got to love this combo. Still hate from those Buckeyes fans. Enjoy the game and that bowl game that won’t get you or your conference to the College Football Playoff.



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