Middle Infield Report


  • 12 R/46 H/9 2B/3B/2 HR/16 RBI/2 CS/8 BB/43 SO
  • APRIL STAT LINE: .216/.247/.296/.542
  1. Zack Cozart not hitting and Brandon Phillips is not getting on base, Ramon Santiago doesn’t help the cause. This group is the worst offensively and need to get better to avoid the Basement rank for the May Report. Need a stat line of .253/.349/.415/.764 in the month of May to actually be good once again.
  2. Hitting is only a problem for Zack Cozart (.180), Brandon Phillips (.255), Ramon Santiago doesn’t get enough at bats to be considered for this category but is unfortunately added into this category hitting .143. Both Cozart and Santiago have hit .235 by the end of May to help this group get out of the basement.
  3. The OBP is flat out awful, somehow Brandon Phillips is in Quartile Range (.255-.347) at .272. If Cozart and Santiago learn how to be patient at the plate and take walks, they can be in Quartile range, got to be patient. Cozart and Santiago should try to have a .301 OBP by the end of May.
  4. The SLG is awful, Brandon Phillips is shockingly in Quartile range (.294-.428) at .318. Cozart and Santiago have taken bad cuts in fly ball or ground outs and will have those low numbers. Slugging .358 is the goal for the entire Middle Infield
  5. OPS is the compliment of OBP and SLG, but only Phillips reaches the Quartile range (.511-.765). Cozart and Santiago have to work on getting on base and hitting the ball well enough to be considered in the quartile range.



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