April’s Position Report

At the start of this season, Reds fans question if this team can go far with loss of Offense production. The thing that contrasts from 2014 and 2013 is that Shin-Soo Choo is not on the team and scoring runs for the Reds.

Shin-Soo Choo was a stopgap and was suppose to bring success to this team, the Reds went to the Wild Card and lost. In 2012, Choo was not on the team and the Reds won the NL Central and won it by 9 games.

↑The Above statement reflects that Choo can’t be used to leverage a conversation of offense failure. 1 Player doesn’t outcome how the offense does, they’re 9 players for that and are capable of scoring runners on base and themselves.

The Reds offense faced 6 teams in the Month of April, 4 of those 6 were playing in October.


2014 BATTER LINES 2014 batter lines rangesGood Outliers: Devin Mesoraco’s BA and SLG

The Numbers


First Base

Middle Infield

Third Base



  • By the end of May
  1. BA at .200-.259
  2. OBP at .255-.347
  3. SLG at .294-.428
  4. OPS at .511-.765
  5. SCORE ON BASE: 6.13-12.97% R Rate. Phillips, Cozart, Pena and Barnhart less than 6.13%
  6. HIT THE BALL: 18.06-23.82% H Rate. Cozart, Bruce, Bernadina and Santiago less than 18.06%
  7. NEED RIB EYE STEAK: 5.91-11.68% RBI Rate. Phillips, Hamilton, Bernadina and Barnhart less than 5.91%
  8. TAKE A BASE: 2.75-13.10% BB  Rate. Phillips, Heisey, Soto and Barnart less than 2.75%
  9. NO STRIKEOUTS (It’s considered a Premium): Mesoraco, Frazier, Hamilton, Heisey, Santiago and Barnhart are likely to strikeout in each plate appearance 18.29-21.66% of the time.




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