Tony Cingrani Pitching Report

Tony Cingrani


  • 32.1 IP/26 H/12 R/17 BB/32 SO/3 HR
  • BAA .211/ERA 3.34/WHIP 1.33
  • GRADE: 74.05% (C)
  • RATES: 19.12% H/8.82% R/12.50% BB/23.53% SO/2.21% HR
  • PER 9: 7.24 H/3.34 R/4.73 BB/8.91 SO/0.84 HR

Cingrani”s goal for the month of May.

  • Pitch well in the month of May and you might stay in the bullpen. Cingrani is on thin ice right now with Alfredo Simon surging in the starting role with Mat Latos out. Most are going with Simon heading back to the bullpen, but Bryan Price has no indication of who goes back. Price should focus on amount of innings each starter gets and how many runs allowed. Starting pitching is getting the money’s worth versus bullpen, Simon is an Arbitration player versus Cingrani, who is still in Pre-Arbitration. Overall, got to get more innings out of Cingrani to stay in rotation.
  • Cingrani’s Quartile range is 4.25-6.25 IP, Cingrani has had two starts in that range. Cingrani has been less than 4.25 in 2 starts and higher than 6.25 in 2 starts. Got to get at least 6.1 IP/start.
  • Cingrani has done a very good job of allowing no hits, did allow no more than 5 in his first 4 starts. Cingrani has allowed 6 in the last two starts. If Cingrani keeps up with that and manages to hold runners from scoring, then he’ll likely stay on the rotation. 3-6 is the goal per start.
  • Cingrani has been known to hold those runners on base and has allowed no more than 3 in the 2014 season. A reasonable goal for Cingrani is to allow no more than 1-3 per start.
  • Another thing that Cingrani can do is not allow a lot are walks, typically walk 2 to 4 batters per start. Cingrani has not been lower than 2 or or higher than 4 in April.
  • One thing that was really missed in 2 of his last 3 starts were strikeouts.
  • KEEP IT UP: No Home run balls, he has allowed 1 home run in 3 of his last 4 starts, but that can change quickly and not allow a home run ball. He did not allow a home run against the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates in the month of April, but allowed 2 home runs to the Chicago Cubs.

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