Johnny Cueto Pitching Report

Johnny Cueto


  • 47 IP/22 H/6 R/14 BB/50 SO/4 HR
  • BAA .135/ERA 1.15/WHIP 0.77
  • GRADE: 89.36% (B)
  • RATES: 12.43% H/3.39% R/7.91% BB/28.25% SO/2.26% HR
  • PER 9: 4.21 H/1.15 R/2.668 BB/9.57 SO/0.77 HR

Cueto’s goal for the month of May.

  • Keep doing ace things. Cueto has to throw at least 7 or more innings in every start in May, every single start he has had in the month of April all had 7 or more innings.
  • Allowing less than 3 hits per start. Cueto did that 4 times in the month of April.
  • Cueto allowing little to no runs in a start. He has allowed 1 run in 2 starts and 2 runs in 2 starts.
  • Allow no more than 1 walk per start. He has allowed no more than 1
  • Keep on striking out batters at high rates. Goal is 4 or more and has done it in all 6 starts in 2014.
  • Make the long ball hard to hit. Cueto doesn’t need to allow a home run and he’s done it 4 times in 6 starts.

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