Homer Bailey Pitching Report


  • 20.1 IP/30 H/13 R/8 SO/25 SO/6 HR
  • BAA .330/ERA 5.75/WHIP 1.87
  • GRADE: 71.77% (C)
  • RATES: 30.93% H/13.40% R/8.25% BB/25.77% SO/6.19% HR
  • PER 9: 13.28 H/5.75 R/3.54 BB/11.07 SO/2.66 HR

Bailey’s goal for the month of May.

  • Leave April in the past and move on to the next opponents. Bailey faced 3 of the 5 postseason teams from last year, unfortunate spots, but has to let it go. Next three starts to start the month of May are the Milwaukee Brewers, Boston Red Sox and the San Diego Padres.
  • Need more innings from Bailey, 6 or more is good. Bailey has hit that in the last two starts of April, so that can be goods news…for now.
  • Bailey gets hit off of a lot, in a baseball way. Bailey allows 7-8 hits per game, got to cut down on that factor. He has allowed 7 or more hits in each start to start the season.
  • Bailey typically allows 3-4 runs per start. Bailey has allowed 4 or less runs in 3 of 5 starts. If Bailey allows less than 4 per start, he will gain his confidence once again.
  • One thing that Bailey has done and it is good is not allowing walks, he has allowed no walks in 2 of 5 starts.
  • Strikeouts, 8 per start is a goal, but 4-8 is good enough in a start. Bailey has struck out more than 4 batters in 4 starts.
  • Home runs, that April 14th game was an OUTLIER. That game is not typical of Homer Bailey, but he usually allows 1 home run. Obvious to go 0 home runs per start and has done it once. Bailey has given up a home run in 3 of 5 starts.

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