Alfredo Simon Pitching Report


  • 33.2 IP/22 H/7 R/6 ER/11 BB/22 SO/2 HR
  • BAA .179/ERA 1.60/WHIP 0.98
  • GRADE: 85.64% (B)
  • RATES: 16.42% H/5.22% R/8.21% BB/16.42% SO/1.49% HR
  • PER 9: 5.88 H/1.87 R/2.94 BB/5.88 SO/0.53 HR

Simon’s goal for the month of May.

  • Keep pitching like this and the bullpen won’t be calling for you. Simon and Cingrani are competing for the 5th spot in the rotation with the return of Mat Latos sometime in the month of May. Simon has two factors into play, he eats a lot of innings up and doesn’t allow a lot of runs in his start, only 7 runs in 5 starts
  • Keep pitching up to 6 innings, can pitch up to 8 innings. Simon has pitched more than 6 innings in each start.
  • Allowing 4-5 hits is reasonable for a starter, keep it up. Simon has allowed 4 hits in 3 of 5 starts.
  • Allowing runs is something a pitcher does not want to do, but 1-2 should be it. Simon has allowed no more than 2 runs in all of his starts in 2014.
  • Simon in one game allowed 5 walks, which is an outlier to his season. Simon will typically was 1-2 batters in a game and if that pace keeps going
  • One thing hasn’t really done is striking batters out. The goal for Simon is to strikeouts 4-5 batters, but he has hit that mark of 4 or more batters 4 out of 5 times so far this season.
  • One thing I do like about Alfredo Simon this season is keeping the ball in the park. Simon has given the long ball shot twice, but only allows it once. Simon doing an excellent job on that.

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