Game 7 (St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds)


Back for more and another “Battle of 52s”. After meeting last week in Cincinnati, Tony Cingrani and Michael Wacha will face off once again and hope one of them gets the W, both ended up with No Decisions.

Things that has happened since the last series.

Cincinnati Reds are really putting nice games in, but their starting pitchers have to control the lead. On Friday, Mike Leake could not hold the lead after the Reds gave him a 1-0 lead. Saturday, a game they should of won. Reds had taken the lead twice, lead 1-0 and 3-2. Closer, for the moment, J.J. Hoover came in and did the close, but that did not happen. Hoover walked two batters and Votto fielded a infield hit to get the runner out at second, Umpire called an out till a review came and it was overturned. Mets went ahead and got a pinch hitter for Carlos Torres, Ike Davis took in the pinch hitting role. After falling behind the count, Ike Davis launched a grand slam walk-off, the first since the Reds Joey Votto did in 2012 against the Washington Nationals. On Sunday, the Mets scored first, but did not score the rest of the day. Reds were only down 1-0, but only scored 2 for the win and a win for a spot starter in Alfredo Simon and a save for setup man Manny Parra. Reds are coming into St. Louis with a 2-4 record with a 2-3 record in 1-run games.

St. Louis Cardinals put in one of their worst games this season so far against the Pittsburgh Pirates. On Friday, Shelby Miller took the ball and got rocked by Pirates hitting to lose 12-2. One thing that has to be said about the Cardinals, paper beats production. I still think this Cardinals team is good, but they have to have better production. Saturday’s game against the Pirates was pure dominance, and that offense on paper also appeared. Pitcher Joe Kelly managed to hit extra bases, Yadier Molina and Jhonny Peralta managed to get home runs for the Cardinals, Peralta had 1 man on which help the cause for victory. On Sunday, the Pirates managed to score first, but the Cardinals struck back two innings later. Pittsburgh had a 1-0 lead at the Top of the 6th, but Jon Jay hit a triple to right field that scored Matt Carpenter to make it a tied ballgame. In the 7th inning, backup catcher Tony Sanchez hit a double to center field that scored Pedro Alvarez. The Pirates beat Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals with a score of 2-1. Cardinals are 3-3 with a 2-2 record in 1-run games.

On to the Opening Day Pitchers

Michael Wacha

Michael Wacha’s numbers.


  • 42 IP/28 H/6 R/12 BB/42 SO/HR
  • BAA .182/ERA 1.29/WHIP 0.95
  • GRADE: 91.71% (A)
  • RATES: 17.07% H/3.66% R/7.32% BB/25.61% SO/0.61% HR
  • WACHA’S FIRST 27 RATE: 8.1 IP/5 H/R/2 BB/7 SO
  • PER 9: 6.00 H/1.29 R/2.57 BB/9.00 SO/0.21 HR


  • 16.2 IP/9 H/4 BB/17 SO
  • BAA .153/WHIP 0.78
  • GRADE: 97.11% (A)
  • RATES: 14.06% H/2.44% BB/26.56% SO
  • WACHA’S FIRST 27 RATE: 8.2 IP/4 H/BB/7 SO
  • PER 9: 4.86 H/2.16 BB/9.18 SO


  • 46 IP/28 H/11 R/14 BB/47 SO/2 HR
  • BAA .169/ERA 2.15/WHIP 0.91
  • GRADE: 88.65% (A)
  • RATES: 15.73% H/6.18% R/7.87% BB/26.40% SO/1.12% HR
  • WACHA’S FIRST 27 RATE: 8 IP/4 H/2 R/2BB/7 SO
  • PER 9: 5.48 H/2.15 R/2.74 BB/9.20 SO/0.39 HR

Tony Cingrani

Tony Cingrani’s Numbers


  • 34 IP/21 H/11 R/9 ER/15 BB/39 SO/4 HR
  • BAA .171/ERA 2.50/WHIP 1.06
  • GRADE: 87.25% (B)
  • RATES: 15.79% H/8.27% R/11.28% BB/29.32% SO/3.01% HR
  • CINGRANI’S FIRST 27 RATE: 7.2 IP/4 H/2 R/3 BB/8 SO/HR
  • PER 9: 5.56 H/2.91 R/3.97 BB/10.32 SO/1.06 HR


  • 18 IP/12 H/5 R/ER/11 BB/24 SO/HR
  • BAA .182/ERA 2.50/WHIP 1.28
  • GRADE: 86.01% (B)
  • RATES: 16.22% H/6.76% R/14.86% BB/32.43% SO/1.35% HR
  • CINGRANI’S FIRST 27 RATE: 7.2 IP/4 H/2 R/4 BB/9 SO
  • PER 9: 6.00 H/2.50 R/5.50 BB/12.00 SO/0.50 HR


  • 0.2 IP/2 H/BB/SO
  • BAA .500/ERA 0.00/WHIP 4.50
  • GRADE: 83.33% (B)
  • RATES: 40.00% H/20.00% BB/20.00% SO
  • CINGRANI’S FIRST 27 RATE: 7.2 IP/11 H/5 BB/5 SO






PICK: If I now have to pick a winner of “The Battle of 52s”, I have to give this one to Michael Wacha. Last time these two met, the Cardinal bullpen was not ready for the bottom of the order. I also don’t think the Cardinals won’t implode on their Opening Day like they did last year to these Cincinnati Reds.

Game 1 Preview

Busch Stadium



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