The Closing Ceremony for the NFL is finally here and it is happening in a cold-climate. The cold-climate game is a first but not a first for a cold-climate city to host a Superbowl. One of the notable firsts of this game is that Super Bowl XLVIII will be played on artificial turf outdoors. The game is hosted by two U.S. states (New Jersey and New York). The game is played in East Rutherford, New Jersey while across the Hudson River is New York, New York.

The two teams, Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, were top seeds in their conference tournaments. The last time top seeds met in a Superbowl was Superbowl XLIV, which Denver Quarterback-Peyton Manning-played for the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints. Super Bowl XLVIII feature a top defense (Seattle) and top offense (Denver). The last time this occured was in Superbowl XXXVII.


Superbowl XLVIII bids were MetLife Stadium (New York Giants/Jets), Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Sun Life Stadium (Miami Dolphins). The Tampa Bay Buccaneeers hosted four Super bowls, the latest in XLIII. The Miami Dolphins hosted ten super bowls, the latest in XLIV.

The league owners (32 NFL teams) voted in four rounds to determine New York/New Jersey to host Super Bowl XLVIII.

The last Superbowl to be hosted in an open-air stadium in “cold-weather” city goes to New Orleans and Superbowl VI. The temperatures in Louisiana were colder than average that day, the temp was 39° F. Most outdoor superbowls have been in either California or Florida, except for Superbowl XXX in Tempe, Arizona.

NFL comissioner Roger Goodell states that if Superbowl XLVIII is a success in ‘cold-weather’ climates, their can be considerations for more cold-weather cities to host.

The last time the New York metropolitan area has hosted an NFL championship game was 1962. The last championship game hosted in New York area was in 2009 with the New York Yankees facing the Philadelphia Phillies.

New York was originally going to host Superbowl XLIV, but West Side stadium never existed and Miami, Florida was selected to host SB XLIV.

Metlife stadium will be the first venue to host a Superbowl Venue with two NFL tenants (New York Giants/Jets) since the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Superbowl I and VII (Los Angeles Rams/Raiders).


Seattle Seahawks Blitz


The Seattle Seahawks finished their 2013 season 13-3, winning the NFC west and homefield-advantage. Both those paid off and are here today. The team was led by Russell Wilson, who brings new-school talent in the NFL and has been impressive as an NFL quarterback, winning 27 games in 35 games. Wilson has compliments of talent with Golden Tate as a wide receiver and Marshawn Lynch as a running back. On the other side of the ball is the Top Defense in the NFL. The defesne allows 273.6 yards per game and has the most takeaways with 39. The defense is led by Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman.

The Seahawks are in their 2nd Superbowl, their first appearance was in Superbowl XL. The 2013 Seahawks and 2005 Seahawks are totally different, no one from the 05 team is on the 13 team.

The Seahawks are coached by Pete Carroll, who has appeared in a BCS Championship game and will be making his first appearance in the Superbowl as an NFL head coach.

Denver Broncos Miles


The Denver Broncos went back to back 13-3 seasons and have finally made it to the Super Bowl. The Broncos come in as the top offense in the NFL. The Broncos led in points scored and yards gained. The offense’s first drive in 9 of the last 10 games has led to points via Touchdown or Field Goal. The Broncos were led by 16 year veteran, Peyton Manning, who came from the Indianapolis Colts via Free Agency in 2012. Manning was a star for the Colts in his 14 year tenure, receiving 11 pro bowl bids, four NFL MVPs and a Superbowl championship. Manning’s comrades includes Knowshon Moreno as running back and Demaryius Thomas at Wide Receiver. For the defense, defensive Shaun Phillips and linebacker Danny Trevathan were the leaders for a team that is average for a defense.

Denver returns to the Superbowl for the first time since Superbowl XXXIII, this is their 7th appearance. Peyton Manning is third QB in Superbowl history to reach the game with two different teams (Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos). If Manning wins tonight, he will be the first quarterback to start for two different teams and win Super bowls.

The Broncos are coached by John Fox, who will be in his second Superbowl. Fox has reached a Superbowl with the Carolina Panthers in Superbowl XXXVIII and losing to the New England Patriots.


Superbowl XLVIII’s Official Meme

Following the Seahawks win over the San Francisco 49ers, this (above) meme was released. Why is this superbowl so unique? because Marijuana. Social network and media outlets started referring to this meme because they are the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Both states legalized marijuana in the fall 2012 elections, yeah that one election when Obama won and Romney lost.

On Superbowl day, the coin toss will occur at 6:20 P.M. ET, which is 4:20 P.M. in Colorado.



If you’re in the United States for Superbowl XLVIII, your TV provider is the NFL on FOX. If I had to rank the 3 Superbowl Networks in Today’s contract, it goes CBS, NBC and FOX. Fox is the one with the hairy chest and here is why.

21st Century Fox, Inc And FOX Sports 1 Rings The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell

You have a robot in your program, CBS and NBC doesn’t. FOX can be unique and all but it is so cheesy. Cleatus for a robot name? That’s cute.


PRE-GAME, HALFTIME and POSTGAME CREW: Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan and Jimmy Johnson.

This crew is like all the other networks, host (Menefee), players (Bradshaw, Long and Strahan) and coach (Johnson). Sure it is nice to have that, but these guys won’t bore you, might be the best part of the FOX broadcast.

Curt Menefee

Menefee joined NFL on FOX after James Brown left for NFL on CBS. Menefee has been a part of the FOX crew since 2006 and does other things to pass the time, 4 months goes by quick. Menefee broadcasting activities are Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, play host to events. Menefee has also covered Baseball and Soccer in his tenure at FOX.

Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw was a Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 14 seasons. In his tenure at Pittsburgh, he won four superbowls in a six year period.  Bradshaw is in the Pro football hall of fame and has been an analyst for FOX since 1994.

Howie Long

Long was a Defensive End for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders for 13 seasons. Long won a superbowl with the Raiders. Long is in the Pro football hall of fame and has been an analyst for FOX since 1994.

Michael Strahan

Strahan was a Defensive End for the New York Giants for 15 seasons. Strahan won a superbowl with the Giants. Strahan has been an analyst for FOX since 2008.

Jimmy Johnson

Johnson was a Defensive Lineman and a Head Coach. Johnson played collegiately and has coached  collegiately. Johnson was the head coach for the Miami Hurricanes, which won a National Championship and an Orange Bowl in his tenure. After coaching the Hurricanes, Johnson became head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson in his 5 season won two superbowls back to back in 1992 and 93. Johnson is in the College Football Hall of Fame and has been an analyst for FOX since 2002.


PLAY BY PLAY & COLOR: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

The picture says it all. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are broadcasters and one has had bad history.

Joe Buck

In 1994, Joe Buck was hired by FOX. Buck has done MLB on FOX since 1996 and has continued doing it today. Buck has called many games in his life and uses lines from his late-father, Jack, who was a broadcaster for the MLB St. Louis Cardinals. Buck has done a two-sport, same-day doubleheader, which occured in San Francisco on October 14, 2012. Buck has had controversy for on-air professionalism issues and announces play that have lead to conflict. Following his last Superbowl call (XLV), he had Vocal cord ailment. The Vocal cord ailment hampered his ability to raise his voice. The voice has recovered and will be ready for tonight’s game.

One funny video done by Funny or Die.

Vocal Ailment

Troy Aikman

Aikman was a Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for 12 seasons. Aikman was No. 1 overall draft in 1989. Aikman in his career had six pro bowl bids, three superbowls and was a Superbowl MVP. Aikman is in the College and the Pro football hall of fame. Aikman use to be a joint owner of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race team with Roger Staubach. Aikman is a partial owner of the San Diego Padres. Aikman has been an analyst for FOX since 2001.

erin andrews

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is America’s finest sideline reporter. Andrews is a Florida Gator Alum earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications. Andrews has been in TV since 2000. From 2000 to 2004, she was a freelance reporter for Fox Sports Florida, Tampa Bay Lightning reporter for Sunshine Network and covered the Atlanta Braves/Thrashers and Hawks for Turner South as studio host and reporter.

In 2004, she joined ESPN. Andrews started out as a reporter for ESPN National Hockey Night. Throughout 2004, she reported for the College World Series, Little League World Series and Great Outdoor Games.  In 2005, she expanded to becoming a sideline reporter for ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime and Big Ten college basketball games. Other works in 2005: ESPN College Football Thursday and MLB sideline reporting. From 2008-2010, she did live coverage of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Andrews has been a guest on talk shows and appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

Andrews has been with FOX since 2012 and does FOX College Football studio show with Joey Harrington and Eddie George. Andrews does other coverages for MLB and NASCAR. Even in her time with FOX, she has been accused and criticized for lacking knowledge in the MLB.

pam oliver

Pam Oliver

Pam Oliver has been in the broadcasting career since 1985. Oliver started out in Albany, Georgia in WALB as a news reporter. In 1986, she went to WAAY in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1988, WIVB in Buffalo, New York. In 1990, WTVT in Tampa, Florida, which led to her career in sportscasting. The moves kept on coming, she went to KHOU in Houston, Texas in circa 1991-1993. In 1993, she finally made the “big stage”. The “big stage” was ESPN. From 1993-1995, she was with ESPN. In 2005, she joined TNT as a sideline reporter for NBA playoff coverage.

Oliver has been a sideline reporter for FOX since 1995.


FOX Lead-off Shows

Following the Superbowl, New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are schedule to be lead out-programs for FOX.

FOX has set the rate of 30-second advertisement to be $4,000,000, which was the same amount for CBS in Superbowl XLVII. Fox has started advertisements in May 2013.

They are 30 international countries broadcasting this game.


NFL on Westwood One

NFL on Westwood One Announcers and reporters

The game will be nationally broadcasted by NFL on Westwood One Sports. Kevin Harlan is play-by-play, Boomer Esiason color, James Lofton and Mark Malone sideline.

Seattle Radio

Seattle’s flagship station(s) are KIRO-FM (97.3) and KIRO (710 AM), which is the “Seahawks Bing Radio Network”. Steve Raible is play-by-play and Warren Moon is color.

Denver Radio

Denver’s flagship station is KOA (850 AM). Dave Logan is play-by-play and Ed McCaffrey is color.


Sirius XM Radio will carry the Westwood One and local team feeds over satellite radio.


Style: "AE_BROWN"

The National Anthem will be sung by Renée Fleming, who will become the first opera singer ever to do so.

Bruno Mars RHCP

The Halftime Show will be performed by Bruno Mars, a Hawaiian musician. Mars will have the Red Hot Chili Peppers on stage for the halftime performance.


Terry McAulay

  • Referee-Terry McAulay
  • Umpire-Carl Paganelli
  • Head Linesman-Jim Mello
  • Line Judge-Tom Symonette
  • Field Judge-Scott Steenson
  • Side Judge-Dave Wyant
  • Back Judge-Steve Freeman

McAulay is in his 16th season as an NFL referee. McAulay is also the Coordinator of Football Officials for the American Athletic Conference since 2008. McAulay has done six conference championship games since 2001 and has done two Superbowls (XXXIX and XLIII). McAulay was the referee in the controversial “Bottlegate” game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns.


Now to the actual game itself.

2013 stats of regular and postseason . The stats are individualized by leader of corp.



Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

  • 507-738, 6,107 yards, 59 TD, 18 Sacks, 11 Int.
  • Prediction: 28-41, 335 yards, 3 TD, Sack, Interception
  1. 8-2 when attempting to pass 41 or more times, 7-1 when throwing less than 41
  2. 8-1 when throwing 335 or more yards, 7-2 when throwing less than 335
  3. 10-1 when throwing 3 or more touchdowns, 5-2 with less than 3
  4. 10-0 without interceptions, 5-3 with 1 or more

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

  • 282-453, 3675 yards, 27 TD, 51 sacks, 9 Int.
  • Prediction: 15-25, 201 yards, TD, 3 sacks
  1. 8-3 when attempting to pass 25 or more times, 7-0 when throwing less than 25
  2. 10-1 when throwing 201 or more yards, 5-2 when throwing less than 201
  3.  12-3 when throwing 1 or more touchdowns, 3-0 when not throwing one



Knowshon Moreno, Denver Broncos

  • 278 ATT, 1449 YDS, 5.2 YDS/ATT, 11 TD
  • Prediction: 15 ATT, 80 YDS, TD
  1. 6-2 when touching the ball 15 or more times, 9-1 with less than 15 touches
  2. 3-1 when running the ball 80 or more yards, 12-2 with less than 80 yards
  3. 6-2 when scoring a touchdown, 9-1 with no touchdowns

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

  • 351 ATT, 1506 YDS, 4.3 YDS/ATT, 15 TD
  • Prediction: 19 ATT, 82 YDS, TD
  1. 8-1 when touching the ball 19 or more times, 7-2 with less than 19 touches
  2. 8-1 when running the ball 82 or more yards, 7-2 with less than 80 yards
  3. 10-1 when scoring a touchdown, 5-2 with no touchdowns



Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

  • 107 REC, 1618 YDS, 15.1 YDS/REC, 16 TD
  • Prediction: 6 REC, 89 YDS, TD
  1. 9-0 when catching the ball 6 or more times, 6-3 with less than 6 catches
  2. 8-0 when catching the ball for 89 or more yards, 7-3 with less than 89 yards
  3. 9-2 when catching a touchdown, 6-1 without a touchdown

Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks

  • 69 REC, 1034 YDS, 15.0 YDS/REC, 5 TD
  • Prediction: 4 REC, 57 YDS
  1. 9-2 when catching the ball 4 or more times, 6-1 with less than 4 catches
  2. 5-2 when catching the ball for 57 or more yards, 10-1 with less than 57 yards



Eric Decker, Denver Broncos

  • 4 RET, 3 FC, 68 YDS
  • Prediction: 1 RET, 4 YDS
  1. 2-0 when returning a punt, 13-3 without returning a punt
  2. 2-0 when returning a punt 4 or more yards, 13-3 with less than 4 yards

Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks

  • 55 RET, 14 FC, 602 YDS
  • Prediction: 3 RET, FC, 33 YDS
  1. 10-2 when returning the punt 3 or more times, 5-1 with 3 or less returns
  2. 6-2 when returning punts 33 or more yards, 9-1 with less than 33 yards



Trindon Holliday, Denver Broncos

  • 32 RET, 856 YDS, TD
  • Prediction: 2 RET, 47 YDS
  1. 5-3 when returning the kickoff 2 or more times, 10-0 when he touches back
  2. 5-2 when returning the kickoff 47 or more yards, 10-1 with less than 47 yards

Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks

  • 6 RET, 187 YDS
  • Prediction: RET, 10 YDS
  1. 2-1 when returning the kickoff more than 1 time, 13-2 when he touches back
  2. 2-1 when returning the kickoff more than 10 yards, 13-2 with less than 10 yards


Denver Broncos: 59 Total Tackles, 3 Sacks, Forced Fumble

Seattle Seahawks: 65 Total Tackles, 3 Sacks, Forced Fumble, Interception (21 YARDS)



Manning will win ring number 2 while the Seattle Seahawks will look for their first Superbowl win as a franchise. Seahawks will join 13 other teams without a Super Bowl win.


Denver Broncos

  • 27 1st Downs
  • 6/13 3rd Down Conversions
  • 0/1 4th Down Conversions
  • 451 Yards of Total Offense
  • 116 Rushing Yards
  • 335 Passing Yards
  • 28/41 Comp-Att
  • Interception
  • 3 Sacks
  • 2/2 FG
  • 4 Touchdowns
  • 34 Points
  1. 7-1 when gaining 27 or more 1st downs, 8-2 with less than 27 first downs
  2. 9-0 when gaining 449 yards of Total Offense, 6-3 with less than 449 yards of Total Offense
  3. 6-1 with 116 or more rushing yards, 9-2 with less than 116 rushing yards
  4. 8-1 with 335 or more passing yards, 7-2 with less than 335 passing yards
  5. 11-0 when scoring 34 or more points, 4-3 when scoring less than 34

Seattle Seahawks

  • 18 1st Downs
  • 5/13 3rd down conversions
  • 0/1 4th down conversions
  • 336 Yards of Total Offense
  • 135 Rushing Yards
  • 201 Passing Yards
  • 16/25 Comp-Att
  • 3 Sacks
  • 2/2 FG
  • 3 Touchdowns
  • 27 Points
  1. 10-1 when gaining 18 or more 1st downs, 5-2 with less than 18 first downs
  2. 7-1 when gaining 329 yards of Total Offense, 8-2 with less than 329 yards of Total Offense
  3. 8-1 with 135 or more rushing yards, 7-2 with less than 135 rushing yards
  4. 10-1 with 193 or more passing yards, 5-2 with less than 193 passing yards
  5. 8-1 when scoring 27 or more points, 7-2 when scoring less than 27 yards

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