Game 158 (Cincinnati v New York Mets)

Well, one thing is crossed off the checklist, but another one has to go in their favor. The Cincinnati Reds are going to another postseason and it is their third one in four years, impressive to say the least. I got tweets regarding last night’s game and what a postseason berth means for the Reds.

Now there isn’t much to report on today’s game, but now that the Reds are in and make Top 10 MLB teams of 2013, it all ends up where they will be after September 29th.

The Atlanta Braves are the frontrunners of the National League with a half game lead on Cardinals, Braves aren’t guaranteed homefield advantage because of the wild card situation. Now from looking at the homefield advantage, the Braves look at the Pirates and Reds first with a magic number of 4, once eliminated, Reds and Pirates can not claim homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, which is not a priority at the moment.

Now, if you’re the St. Louis Cardinals, you’re concerned. The Cardinals have a 2 game lead on the Reds and Pirates, but face a Washington Nationals team that is playing well for the month of September. It was unfortunate to see the Nationals out of October this year, but it doesn’t hurt them to play well against the Cardinals.

What about the Los Angeles Dodgers, they have their division title but it will depend on seeding, homefield advantage elimination number is 5, if they weren’t bad in the first two months of the season, this wouldn’t be much of a concern.

Now the National League won’t be settled for a while, as well as the American League, because seeding is important in the final series, which will be the likely factor. My American League favorite, Boston Red Sox, won’t have the homefield advantage locked up for a while, since their magic number is 5 with the Oakland Athletics being one of their concentrations.

Now on to the Grade Report from Last Night:

STARTER: Johnny Cueto

  • 7 IP, 3 H, 2 R (ER), 3 BB, 5 SO & HR
  • 1.29 ERA & 0.86 WHIP
  • GRADE: 88.10% (B)

BULLPEN: Aroldis Chapman, Manny Parra, Sam LeCure and Sean Marshall

  • 3 IP, 3 H & 4 SO
  • 0.00 ERA & 1.00 WHIP
  • GRADE: 94.44% (A)

Good grades all around from Game 157, here is to hoping that baserunning is in their advantage in today’s game.

Game Preview (New York Mets at Cincinnati) September 24

Game 2


Jonathan Niese: 6 IP, 6 H, 2B, HR, 4 R, 3 BB & 6 SO

Mike Leake: 6.1 IP, 6 H, 2B, R, 2 BB, 5 SO & HBP

Things to Consider:

  • Win and watch, both Pirates and Cardinals are playing in Central Time zone and play as fast and win, then watch your opponents.
  • Don’t feel down Washington Nationals, you had injuries that plagued your team, now can you plague the Cardinals for the Reds?
  • Cubs might of been “Cubbing” on the last play of the game, but Pittsburgh wanted to take their run back from the 1992 NLCS. Keep working Cubs, be a surprise.
  • Win and Cardinals and Pirates lose, a game behind Cardinals and a game ahead of Pirates, something to like, but it ain’t the result to see on September 29th.

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