Game 157 (Cincinnati v New York Mets)

Hello friends and here comes the last 6 games of the season, the Reds broke even on the road at 41-41, not bad because they were struggling early on the road at the beginning of the season. Why 82 road games? San Francisco series had 3 road games and the 1 home game to play, but statistically counts as a road game due to location. Now, on to recap the pitching grades for the Pirates series and what the September average looks like.

STARTERS: Mat Latos, Homer Bailey and Bronson Arroyo

  • 16.2 IP, 16 H, 11 R (9 ER), 8 BB, 7 SO & 5 HR
  • 4.86 ERA & 1.44 WHIP
  • Per 9, H 8.64, BB 4.32, K 3.78, HR 2.70. K/BB is 0.88
  • GRADE: 65.00% (D)

BULLPEN: Alfredo Simón, Aroldis Chapman, J.J. Hoover, Logan Ondrusek, Manny Parra and Sam LeCure

  •  8 IP, 2 H, ER, 2 BB & 8 SO
  • 1.13 ERA & 0.50 WHIP
  • Per 9, H 2.25, 2.25 BB & 9 K. K/BB is 4.00.
  • GRADE: 90.97% (A)

Grade Sheet:


  • St. Louis Cardinals (85.06) (B) (9-2/9-5)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (78.46) (C) (9-6/9-8)
  • Chicago Cubs (78.68) (C) (9-9/9-11)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (67.78) (D) (9/13-9/15)
  • Houston Astros (87.67) (B) (9-16/9-18)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (65.00) (D) (9-20/9-22)
  • September Average (77.67) (C)


  • St. Louis Cardinals (89) (B) (9-2/9-5)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (99.12) (A) (9-6/9-8)
  • Chicago Cubs (69.30) (D) (9-9/9-11)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (52.94) (F) (9/13-9/15)
  • Houston Astros (79.07) (C) (9/16-9/18)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (90.97) (A) (9/20-9/22)
  • September Average (80.63) (B)

As of now on the WordPress, I’m currently working on getting the other month’s averages and managed to get 1 month down. The April numbers, STARTERS graded a 75.65% (C) and the BULLPEN graded a 69.60% (D), the other four months (May, June, July and August) will be released next week in the regular season recap.

On to tonight’s game, we got a Former Red, Aaron Harang, who was DFA’d by the Seattle Mariners on August 26th, and then released on September 1st. Once Harang was released, the Mets signed him on to a minor league contract and immediately assigned to AAA-Las Vegas 51s. Now that September callups was on September 1st, he is now here presently playing again in the MLB and playing against the Reds a 2nd time.  Harang from 2006-10 was the Opening Day starter for the Cincinnati Reds, and will be facing counterpart Johnny Cueto, who has been claiming as Opening Day starter since 2011. As for Johnny Cueto, he will be making his 2nd start since coming off the DL. Cueto pitched 82 pitches to the Astros and will be look at pitching up to 100 pitches, if he is willing to pitch that much. This start will be Cueto’s last start of the season, if Dusty Baker uses the 6-man rotation of Cueto, Leake, Reynolds, Latos, Bailey and Arroyo. As of now, the Reds rotation is not set because they still have a chance to win the division by being only 2 games back, they could of been 1 game back if the Brewers won on Friday night, but you can’t wish for everything in baseball.

Game Preview (New York Mets at Cincinnati) September 23, 2013

Game 1


Aaron Harang: 6.1 IP, 7 H, 2B, HR, 4 R, BB & 4 SO

Johnny Cueto: 6 IP, 6 H, HR, 3 R, 2 BB, 5 SO & HBP

Things To Consider

  • Reds only 2 games back to Cardinals, to avoid tie breakers, must be 1 game ahead at end of season. If tied, the division tie breaker goes to St. Louis based on head to head record (11-8 St. Louis).
  • Cardinals and Nationals, Nationals have two games left of survival, but they can help the Reds out by winning 2 of three against Cardinals and hopefully if Reds sweep Mets, there would be a tie for first. As a baseball fan, let the game play out.
  • Pirates are playing the Cubs in Chicago, I don’t know if Cubs can be a spolier to Pirates, but they obviously did that against Reds this month, here is to hoping da baby bears do something this week against the Bucs.
  • Win, win out and see what happens. I’m stoked for this postseason and it has some good teams going, no disappointment for the 2013 Postseason.

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