2013 NFL Season Prediction

That feel good moment, when you hear the NFL TV theme songs.

To the fans who deserve it most and wait for 7 months for the first game, well it is finally here this week, the NFL is back.

As for my WordPress blog on NFL, it will become full-time after the World Series, so make sure you book back on the WordPress every week for NFL action starting on October 31st, when the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Miami Dolphins on the NFL Network.

One thing I like to do is a power ranking on your NFL team. For NFL being a 32 team league, I write in Percentile ranges of 25, it will be an easy explanation once I release the ranking today.

Now predicting an entire 256 league schedule is not easy, but I give what is a rough estimate of what to expect in the 150 Days of NFL.

To start it all off, I will open with a Division standing prediction and thoughts on the individual division and team.

Here is the American Football Conference:



Starting with the East division, the division has been considered one of the weakest and some say New England will win division again. Some may ask, “New England, 1st place again Quinn?”. For those that don’t know, it’s not a bias that I’m a fan of their team, the schedule is tough facing opponents like Houston and Denver, but as a member of the East, they have the toughest schedule with opponents winning .556. Remember one thing, in division play, common opponents make up 87.5% of the schedule within the division.

I like New York being second and have been considered a team that is in a playoff picture, but can they win games with Mark Sanchez, that might be one of their factors and one thing is that Revis Island does not exist in New York anymore.

Miami might be coming in trying to break-even this season, i don’t see them being a big presence in the NFL this season but I wouldn’t consider sleeping on them, like the Bengals did last year.

Buffalo is where it needs to be as a franchise and picking them to win 7 is a high regard, I see them winning 4 games at home and only 3 on the road.



The defending champ’s division, this division is tough to say the least, and no bias necessary to prove that the AFC North will be in another dogfight. Baltimore, Super Bowl champions, will try to bounce back from an off season full of free agency losses and retirements and try to defend its division title from last year, I expect them to win it again, but the clinching won’t come around till Week 16 or possibly 17.

For a team trying to go back to its playoff appearance ways, the Pittsburgh Steelers will take its same approach and try to improve its 8-8 mark. The Steeler fan base doesn’t seem to have a bitter taste for the team that took them out of the postseason, the Cincinnati Bengals, and will try to move forward and claim a possible playoff spot.

Now on to the most interesting teams of the off-season, the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati did not lose valuable players, but gained plenty of talent in this years NFL Draft. Most credible Media sources cite the Bengals as potential Super Bowl Champions. As of now, nothing can be determined from a draft, it could be a bust. This team is expected to win games they have to win, if they don’t win those games, then they find themselves in a hole and would need lots of help to gain a playoff spot.

For the team who hasn’t done much since their reinstatement to the NFL back in 1999, the Cleveland Browns. The Browns front office made some changes in the off-season and hope they can compete in this division, right now, they’re a 6-10 team, one of their goals is to win a game from each division rival, if successful, go for the season sweep, it won’t be easy to obtain, but it doesn’t hurt to try.



For this next division, this division has gone through a change of scenery and lots of it, the South Division. Who would have thought the Houston Texans as a potential contender? No one. Most people throughout this division thought Houston was an add-on for even amount of teams in conference and balance. As of 2013, that is not the case, Houston is a contender and will remain a contender this season.

When you think Indianapolis has been the favorite to win the division every year, it changed quickly. Ever since Manning left Indianapolis, Indy had to find new talent and try to bring back the winning talent they had. That is when they drafted Andrew Luck in the first round in 2012. Luck has been a beneficial factor for Indy and will be a factor this year, here is to hoping that Indy makes a return to the big stage that is the playoffs with the second year starter in Andrew Luck.

For a team that has been on the outside looking in, the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee has always had a chance to make their team make a run for a playoff game, but loses a game to a future playoff team in one of their games. Here is to them hoping to make a playoff run and actually making it.

There is one team that doesn’t seem to make news, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Whatever is happening in Jacksonville, here is to hoping to have stability and keeping a coaching staff around for development of players.



Ready for the surprised conference? Yep it is the AFC West. Expect me to talk about Denver first? Nope, it is the San Diego Chargers. What? That’s right, I have the San Diego Chargers on top of Denver this year. Here is why this happened and why it happened this year (I hope it doesn’t happen).  San Diego will have a slight edge and will have one more win than Denver, I know that is very sad to think, but right now San Diego looks like a team that can win 6 home games, but Denver and San Diego each win 5 games.

Do we expect Denver to repeat a 13-3 record? Maybe, the 2003-2004 Patriots did with 14 wins in their respective seasons. I still think Denver has a great chance to win the West but in the past before Peyton Manning became a Bronco, it was what I considered the Wild West.

Raider nation, how was the off-season? Painful? Possibly. Oakland has gone through the loss of one of their starters, Carson Palmer, that guy doesn’t have a temper to stick with teams that are inconsistent teams. I’m sure one thing can cheer you up Raider nation, you’re looking like a team to win third place and avoid dead last, maybe you break-even so you can have some self-confidence.

For the team I’m likely to pay some attention to, the Kansas City Chiefs. My current school, the University of Cincinnati, has a 2013 3rd round pick of the name Travis Kelce playing for the Chiefs. When it comes to being a rookie, I don’t expect much playing time, but Kelce can really be a good player for the Chiefs.


On to the NFC standing predictions.



The NFC East is a division I see as “Expect the Unexpected”. For starters, I have picked the New York Giants to win the East. New York had a stable off-season. For scheduling purposes, they are 2nd in the division for SOS (Washington is 1).

Dallas comes in at second for the East, maybe Romo might have a chance. As it has been in the past, the Cowboys have been playoff contenders and a bid for a playoff spot comes in the last week, Romo and the Cowboys lost in Week 17 last year. Can Romo avoid that Week 17 loss? That will be determined when they face the Philadelphia Eagles at home.

For the most interesting off-season, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles brought in a new head coach in Chip Kelly, yeah that coach from the high-offense powered Oregon Ducks, and a former Bearcat who I still love today, Defensive Lineman Connor Barwin. I expect Philadelphia to be a contender in the East but far from the outside to get a playoff spot.

For the one that had a spectacular season last year, the Washington Redskins. I think the 4th place finish might be an understatement, but if Robert Griffin III does well with the new knee and play like last year, I expect them to be a playoff contender.


NFC North

Coming in to take what is theirs again and be champions again, the Green Bay Packers. Looking at what Mike McCarthy has done with the Packers and what the Packers have been ever since Brett Favre left Green Bay. Now I’m not getting ahead of myself, but I think Green Bay might be contending for a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers in the Backfield.

For second place, you expect Chicago or Minnesota, this year I picked da BEARS. Chicago has two significant changes in their off-season, a new coach in Marc Trestman and the retirement of Brian Urlacher, much respect for those players that stick to one franchise, they are lots of them out there in the NFL. Now that their is a new coach, I expect Chicago to be a playoff contender if Jay Cutler doesn’t choke late in the season.

Minnesota might be the third place team, but with a quarterback like Christian Ponder, they might be on the outside looking in for a playoff spot.

Detroit is going down in its economy and its football team might be their as well, but I do expect them win at least 7 games with Matt Stafford being the Quarterback. The Lions also added a running back with a Heisman removal of Reggie Bush, expect him to be a factor this season.


NFC South

For a division with two team dueling each other, I picked the one that actually hasn’t won a Super Bowl to win the division, that would be the Atlanta Falcons. I know you think it is crazy to see Atlanta being picked first again, but they were a pretty good team last year and was not that far away from going to Super Bowl XLVII, but thanks to Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, the Falcons were eliminated and had to watch the Super Bowl on their plasma Tv’s.

That second team mentioned earlier, yes, that would be the recent Super Bowl champion in the South Division, New Orleans Saints. The Saints have managed no big moves in the off-season but received the gain with the return of Sean Payton coaching after the bounty scnadal, good job-good effort done by Joe Vitt and Aaron Kromer to coach the 2012 Saints to a 7-9 record.

So who will avoid the dead last spot in the South? Carolina. Cam Newton might have been overwhelmed when starting for the Panthers as a rookie, but now I expect him to emerge as a leader, I think if Newton performs like his Auburn Days, they could be a playoff contender, but it won’t be this season for sure.

Now the last team not mentioned yet, Tampa Bay. I’m not exactly sure what is happening so I just gave them fourth place, repeat champions of the basement team in the South.


NFC West

And now for the last division, the NFC West. Last year, the San Francisco 49ers won the division and has won it the last 2 years. Will a 3-peat be a possibility this year, I would go with a yes, but San Francisco will have an actual competitor in this division.

For the second competitor mentioned, it goes to the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle has some consistency as a team and has improved under Pete Carroll, who is in his 4th season coaching the ‘Hawks. Right now, Seattle is in the playoff picture, but can easily return to the playoffs if they win the games that matter.

Change is coming and it has rightfully so in Glendale, Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals have acquired a head coach, Bruce Arians, and a Quarterback, Carson Palmer. Arians, who was with Indianapolis last year and was interim coach when Chuck Pagano left on Medical leave, coached the Colts to a 9-3 record. Now for Carson Palmer, he has been playing Musical Chairs in the NFL and he hopes to lead the Cardinals to a playoff appearance for the first time since 2009, funny that was the last time Palmer was in a playoff game (http://tinyurl.com/CIN-v-NYJ-01092010).

The last thought of today, goes to the St. Louis Rams. Sometimes, I don’t even know why my Middle School band teacher liked this team, maybe it must of been a thing from the 90’s. Nonetheless, St. Louis will try to compete and win some games.


Can’t forget about those playoff picks!


2013 NFL Playoffs

Wildcard (2)

Division (2)

AFC Championship

NFC Championship

Super Bowl (2)

Now that the Regular season and postseason prediction is complete here is the NFL Power rankings. Teams ranked 1-8 are TOP 25 percentile, 9-16 Top 50, 17-24 Top 75 and 25-32 are the Bottom 25. ¿Comprende?

  14. DALLAS
  18. MIAMI
  28. ST. LOUIS

Next ranking to be released will be October 1st, marks these other days down as well.

October 31st, start of NFL wordpress, preview and predict a score for the game(s) of the day

November 5th, third NFL ranking

December 3rd, fourth NFL ranking

December 30th, fifth and final NFL ranking

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