Game 110 (Cincinnati v St Louis)

Well as we all expect, this series in Cincinnati is another big one. Today, the Reds start 3 of the 10 contests against the St. Louis Cardinals. Reds are 5.5 GB against the Pittsburgh Pirates but only 4 GB against the Cardinals. What needs to be done this week, a sweep or 2 out of 3. The sweep would make the Reds 1 GB or the 2 out of 3 makes it 3 GB.

To think that they’re only 10 games and being 4 back, they can really gain some ground, go 7-3 against the Cardinals and a tie comes into play, 8-2 would be 2 games ahead, huge difference.

Tonight’s pitchers is a fresh face for the Cardinals, Shelby Miller, and only pitched 5 innings against Cincinnati in October. Bronson Arroyo, for the Reds, came off a loss against the Dodgers and will try to rebound tonight.



Shelby Miller: 7 IP, 6 BB & 9 SO

Bronson Arroyo: 6 IP, 7 H, 2 2 B, HR, 3 R, BB & 4 SO

*Shelby Miller has only faced Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce and Zack Cozart.

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