April 2013 MLB Strength of Schedule


Quick dissection with the chart presented Above, the Strength of Schedules. The PCT are the current team record. The actual Strength of Schedules are: Division, East, Central, West, Interleague and Natural.

To breakdown what is which, division is within the Division ie Boston playing (Baltimore, New York, Tampa Bay and Toronto), which is averaged. The E.C.W is referred to the average of the league’s division PCT’s. Interleague is what the division itself plays throughout the season, they’re no Natural rivalries involved this 2013 season, ie NL Central plays the AL West, the number represents the average of the division. Natural is self explanatory, ie Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Now, what is like the Pythagorean Expectant, but a formula I made myself, the Trend. For what it is worth, Boston is Baseball’s best team right now, for the way they play, they should be 21-5, but they’re 18-8. If it shows a negative, the team itself is playing better than expected, if the current wins are higher than the possible wins.

The comment section is open if anyone has questions about my system. You’re looking at one of the ways I determine the weekly rankings.


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