2013 Opening Day, Game 1 of 162 (Reds vs. Angels)

The day is finally here, baseball has resurrected from the dead and it’s Opening Day. Today, I present the starting pitchers stat line against today’s Opening Day lineup. 

Cincinnati Reds Johnny Cueto vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Jered Weaver



Johnny Cueto’s stat line, only faced 3 batters in the lineup (Albert Pujols, Alberto Callaspo and Chris Iannetta).

Cueto has faced Pujols (Cardinals) 29 ties and has gotten him out 19 times, allowed seven hits and walked him three times, Pujols has not hit a home run against Cueto but has a .269/.345/.308 stat line

Cueto has faced Callaspo (Diamondbacks, Royals) six times and has allowed 1 hit (triple) and 2 RBIs. Callaspo stat line is .167/.167/.500

Cueto has faced Iannetta (Rockies) once. Striked out. 

Jered Weaver’s stat line is facing Shin-Soo Choo and Ryan Ludwick. Both Choo and Ludwick have 34 PA’s against Weaver.

Weaver’s worst batter to face is Choo, Weaver has allowed 13 hits, 3 RBI’s, the stat line is .448/.484/.621

Weaver has some good luck facing Ludwick. Ludwick is 0-3 and has struck out all three times.

Who wins the matchup?

For it being at Great American Ballpark, the winner is Cueto. 

Cueto will probably give up 6 hits, 2 runs and 2 walks but strike out 5 is likely.

Weaver will give up 10 hits, 2 runs, a walk and strike out 6. This is his first appearance at Great American Ballpark. 

If my pitcher line is right, the bullpen will be determining this result. 

For personal game day experiences, I suggest to follow Nick Kirby (@Nicholaspkirby), he provides recaps with the games. 

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