The Hunger Games-Percentage

As noted in my “About Quinn Dumais” page, I am learning statistics and decided to practice it with the MLB and the 30 teams Winning percentage. The statistic used is standard deviation between percentage, the average winning percentage in the MLB is at .500, the standard deviation is set at .074. Now in a graph, about 60% of the teams (18 of 30), are balanced and within the winning percentage of .426 and .574.

Now what about those other 12 teams, those 12 being: New York Yankees (.586), Cleveland (.420), Minnesota (.407), Houston (.340), Oakland (.580), Texas (.580), Atlanta (.580), Washington (.605), Chicago Cubs (.377), Cincinnati (.599), Colorado (.395) and San Francisco (.580). There is something about these teams, 7 of them were in the playoffs and the other 5 weren’t.

These 12 teams are what I call “Out of Ordinary” or in box-n-whisker plot “Outliers”. So the bell curve will be different to say the least, 16.67% of it belongs to the 5 struggling teams (Cleveland, Minnesota, Houston, Chicago Cubs, and Colorado), the next 60% goes to the 18 teams that are postseason contenders, and the Magnificent 7 takes the remaining 23.33%. 

So, if you look at it, 18 teams were in dogfights last year trying to get a playoffs while the other 12 went their separate ways. I could use this stat once a month and see what the bell curve looks like.


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