Week 8

ECC 24-13 (3-1 Week 7)

ANDERSON > GLEN ESTE (Two schools, two malls)

KINGS > ST. CHARLES (Roadtrip?)

LOVELAND > WALNUT HILLS (Love this pick)

TURPIN > MILFORD (Would you even pick Milford?)

Turpin can eliminate Milford with win and also Eliminate Walnut Hills with a Loveland loss. Glen Este and Kings can be eliminated with a loss against Anderson/St. Charles. Being eliminated equates the bid to win the first league championship.

SWOC 32-8 (2-2 Week 7)

MOUNT HEALTHY > WILMINGTON (Two long trips for Mount Healthy but it shouldn’t affect their game)

EDGEWOOD > TALAWANDA (Oxford-Trenton Road battle)

HARRISON > ROSS (I got nothin’)

NORTHWEST > LITTLE MIAMI (Makin it easy on the team that is already eliminated)

Little Miami and Wilmington already eliminated from league play.

Talawanda can be eliminated with a loss to Edgewood

Mount Healthy and Northwest can get help from Talawanda with wins on their own and have losses from Ross and Edgewood.

If those scenarios work, it will be a 3-way battle with Harrison

Thanks for Reading!


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