Week 7 picks, it must be Homecoming season.

Quick Week 7 picks because I have another life!

ECC: 21-12 Overall, 2-2 Week 6

TURPIN>ANDERSON (In School District game)

WALNUT HILLS > GLEN ESTE (Walnut will bounce back)

KINGS > MILFORD (Time to get momentum to reach the November games for Kings)


Milford and Walnut Hills could be eliminated from a league championship with losses. Anderson and Turpin are both undefeated and this could as well be the Championship game for the ECC

SWOC: 30-6 OVERALL, 3-1 Week 6

NORTHWEST > EDGEWOOD (I watched Edgewood last week, can’t compete with Northwest)


LITTLE MIAMI > TALAWANDA (Battle to avoid last place, homecoming. I, as an alumnus at Little Miami, will be performing with the Panther Band playing the Snare at halftime, should be a good time.)


Little Miami or Talawanda, and Wilmington could be eliminated from winning the SWOC championship this weekend if both Northwest or Mount Healthy wins.


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