Week 1 Predictions: ECC and SWOC

Welcome to Week 1 of High School Football. It may be early for me since I’ve been Alma Mater Material but here are my picks for the 1st week of Ohio High School for the ECC and SWOC.

ANDERSON > Sycamore (New Matchup?)

GLEN ESTE > Amelia (Traditional Opener)

KINGS > Lebanon (Boomerang Bowl, Sponsored by Outback?)

LOVELAND > Butler (Who’s Butler? Butler Tech?)

MILFORD > Campbell County (I don’t follow Kentucky HS Football, so I could care less about this pick)

WITHROW> Turpin (Oh no, I picked against an ECC and preferred a soon to be ECC member)

WALNUT HILLS> Oak Hills (Walnut has improved but I truly don’t know much about Oak Hills football)

5-2 On Non Conference Picks for The ECC. Now let’s look at the diverse SWOC

Since I now know the result of Mount Healthy, lets look at the remaining games.

EDGEWOOD > Meadowdale

EAST CENTRAL > Harrison (Traditional Opener, If I Recall)

LITTLE MIAMI > Taft (Got to support my Alma Mater, GO PANTHERS!)

NORTHWEST > Finnerytown (Traditional Opener)

Monroe > Talawanda (Talawanda is better in Swimming, no joke.)

Wilmington > Washington Court House (Can that be “King of The Road (22 and 3)?”)

The SWOC will be an interesting conference to look at in the Fall but the ECC will be super competitive. All teams start with the magic number being 11, 0 is usually reached by Week 10 but who knows if it is reached earlier.

Next Post: Cincinnati Bearcats prediction and why the media is wrong with their pick.



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